Top30 Film Discoveries of 2018

25. The Wackness

This had been on my pending queue for nearly a decade, lol. I’ve always had a certain fondness for Olivia Thirlby, but I wasn’t expecting to see Sir Ben Kingsley being such a mess.

24. Fallen Angels (墮落天使)

Low-key, stream Wind Flower [MV]. lol

23. Dotonbori River (道頓堀川)

‘Twas the year of seeing the younger selves of the likes of Big Tony, Hiroyuki Sanada and Keiko Matsuzaka.

22. Tristana

21. A Star Is Born

Nothing like a brand new remake that’s getting award recognition to push a movie ahead of your to-watch list. I wasn’t a big fan of the musical aspect on its own, but Judy Garland does sell them for all their worth.


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