The YAM Magazine audience focuses on worldwide entertainment, and are willing to buy online anything they want to get their hands on. From the latest Criterion release, to the recent Japanese release with English subtitles, or the Korean idol photobook… the limited release of a favorite band, or the album from that Scandinavian indie band that only sells in Scandinavia — The YAM Magazine visitor spends an average of $30USD to $80USD a month on purchase items.

Why advertise on YAM Magazine?

Because our audience is willing to spend money on what they’re passionate about.

What do YAM Magazine visitors do on their free time?

  1. The Film Lover
    • Go to the movies every weekend
    • If there’s no new movies: Netflix, TCM, Online-streaming
    • Catch up on favorite TV shows
    • Write about what they watch
    • Discuss what they watch with others
    • Complain about awards, but still watch them
  2. The Music Lover
    • Stream music online
    • Find out if there’s special edition of album
    • Join music community
    • Discuss new music
    • Attend small indie performances
    • Hoping for a Britney Spears concert, but not tell anyone
    • Watch music videos, and discuss
    • Buy latest Chris Cunningham music video collection
  3. The Idol Lover
    • Hunt down videos and music online
    • Watch movies
    • Download photos
    • Watch shows
    • Buy photobook/calendar
    • Join forum and discuss with others in fandom

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Don’t have a budget?

If you are a filmmaker, musician, band, producer, writer, etc. wanting to promote your work, but don’t have a budget to do so, send us a screener/press copy and we will review it. If we like it, we will promote your work with a banner and a FREE affiliate period.