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Top30 Film Discoveries of 2018

This year I bested myself. From the 384 movies that I saw, I’ll make my customary list of favorite films discoveries from year 2014 downward.


Drifting Flowers

Drifting Flowers is a compilation of three different stories that entwine within the narrative to create one sole film.



Shortbus is that little talk your parents never gave you. Explore life’s most complex form of pleasure through the eyes of these characters as they discover it themselves.

An Introduction to Slash Fiction 2

An Introduction to Slash Fiction

YAM Magazine seldom reviews books, but with the LGBT Blogathon we wanted to bring up something that some of our authors, as well as contributors know very much about — slash fiction.


Ma Vie en Rose

Ludovic Febre has decided, at the early age of 7, that God must have accidentaly trashed the X chromosome that would make him a girl. A simple scientific mistake. He believes one day he’ll gain back his X and become a beautiful woman.