Top30 Film Discoveries of 2018

20. Urumi

Copyright holders are being uncooperative and have locked most of the Malayalam videos on Urumi, since they released the Hindi dub not long ago, and you know how crappy Sony Music Entertainment can get.

Tabu on an item number, on top of Vidya Balan AND Nithya Menen in one movie together. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

You’ll have to do with -I think- the Tamil upload of Aaranne Aarane~

There’s also a YouTube upload on the Malayalam Hits channel, with English subs. Watch it while you can, coz you never know when it’ll magically disappear.

19. Frenzy

18. Pyaasa

Part of the Guru Dutt restored films that MUBI presented.

17. Mulan Joins the Army (1939) (木蘭從軍)

I really didn’t expect Disney’s version of Mulan to be so close to this 1939 version… magical creatures aside. In all its patriotism, it has comedic moments, and even includes a not-yet-lovers duet under the moonlit night before they realize Mulan is a woman. O_O

16. Little Red Flowers (看上去很美)


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