Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2015

20. Kumar Sanu & Sadhana Sargam – Dard Karaara

I adored this whole I Love and Miss the 90s vibe that DLKH had going on, and they just hit the ball out of the park with the credits song that goes full-blown 90s Bollywood. It’s not only the look, but the sound that takes you back. That takes talent.

19. Suiyoubi no Campanella (水曜日のカンパネラ) – Shakushain (シャクシャイン)

Then, boom! Complete opposite sound~

18. MFBTY – Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방)

Thank you, Jenna.

17. Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me [MV]

16. Lantin’ (兰亭乐团) – The Ugliest Man in the World (世界上最丑陋的男人)

There’s no much information on Mainland band Lantin’ [Xiami] — it looks like they’re Shanghai-based and was born back in 2001. It’s a five-member band formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Wang Yihao (王翼昊), keyboardist and chorus Xu Jing (徐璟), lead guitarist Li Dongcheng (李东城) who left the group in 2005 and came back last year; as well as new members: bassist Wang Yong (王泳) and drummer Chen Song (陈松).

My respects because it’s tough business living in China and manage to make a living within the indie music industry.

15. Anupam Roy – Bezubaan

One of the elements that really REALLY worked in Piku was the music by Anupam Roy, which sets the whole mood for the film and works wonders for the characters. Bezubaan (which means voiceless) just creates such a catharsis effect, the lyrics are wonderful.

14. Carrchy (卡奇社) – Cloud (云)

Beijing-based indie duo Carrchy came back after many many MANY years since the release of their debut, Daylight Allure (日光倾城), in 2007. They had made an appearance in last year’s Xiami release compilation, and made quite an impression on me.

13. Sandee Chan ft. Yoga Lin (陳珊妮 ft.  林宥嘉) – Like Sorrow Being Downloaded Twice (如同悲傷被下載了兩次) [MV]

12. Yonezu Kenshi (米津玄師) – Unbelievers (アンビリーバーズ) [MV]

11. Mavis Fan + A (范曉萱+A) – Year (年)

When you thought we didn’t have a song to celebrate Chinese New Year, Mavis Fan came to the rescue with an alternative rock meets Chinese fusion simply titled Nian, because… WHY NOT? She’s also been giving her music for free on her site, including this amazing track that I’ll be playing every New Year.


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