Yonezu Kenshi – Unbelievers MV

YouTube subscriptions have been largely uncooperative with me for the past couple of weeks- it shows up on a grid, no “load more” button so I can only imagine what I’ve been missing from other channels… like this Yonezu Kenshi music video I missed nearly two weeks ago.

The music video reminded me of Crash Bandicoot on a high. According to video descriptions, this is a wolf, though. It stumbles and tumbles, and contemporary dances with light coming out of its paws at times to the Yonezu Kenshi tune, who’s stylishly performing the song.

According to news, Unbelievers (アンビリーバーズ) was directed by art director Hirano Fumiko (平野文子) [Portfolio] [1][2], who was also in charge of the art direction of the physical release single (multiple jackets, back jackets, CD label and booklets).

The Unbelievers single is already available on iTunes, following the release of Flowerwall [MV][iTunes] earlier in the year.


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