Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2015

2. Ding Wei (丁薇) – Zigeunerweisen (流浪者之歌)

Ding Wei was >this< close to snatching the #1 spot, and she probably would’ve done it if her upcoming comeback album wasn’t schedule for next year. xD Her song Zigeunerweisen, which I simply call The Wanderer Song because I can’t pronounce German, is the perfect trip-hop classical fusion– a more modern take on Ding Wei’s classical style.

1. Su Yunying (苏运莹) – Wild Child (野子)

You think… “Oh, silly singing variety contest shows. Who’s going to be taking you seriously?” It’d be silly to dismiss a show that’s solely based on song composition– Sing my Song (中国好歌曲), now over its second season, is where contestants do blind auditions with a song of their own. The following rounds are, of course, much more conventional as each chosen songwriter works with a coach to improve (or screw) their song.

So very early in the year, Su Yunying auditioned with this:


I was literally blow away. I could never not have the song on repeat all year long, singing along with all my feels. So much freaking promise.

And yeah~ I love Hebe, but her version of the song lacked that UMPH!

So, that’s it!

As always, I’ve set up playlists on YouTube and Xiami for all of you who are too lazy to go through the whole list… though, for obvious geoblock (distribution) reasons, tracks may be missing. YT is only missing 2-ish tracks, though.

Did you all have a fun music journey this year!?


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