Xiami’s Seeking Light Collection


Beijing-based music streaming website Xiami is getting into content curation — think of it as iTunes sessions only available through their service — with the release of the Seeking Light Collection (寻光集, Xun Guang Ji) under the Xiami Musician (虾米音乐人) banner [1].

The result is a double-disc compilation featuring a number of Beijing-based groups and musicians that play folk rock, pop folk, and folktronica of new songs or new versions of their previous works.

You can stream the album on Xiami, where you can also download.

The tracklist with English names below break ;)

Disc 1 Tracklist:

  1. Escape Plan (逃跑计划) – Love – The Sun Shines into our Memories Remix (相爱 – 阳光照进回忆里 Remix)
  2. Miserable Faith (痛仰乐队) – Highway Song (Seeking Light Version) (公路之歌 (寻光版))
  3. Li Ronghao (李荣浩) – The Composer (作曲家)
  4. Hao Mei Mei (好妹妹乐队) – Goodbye Again (再一次的再见)
  5. Soundtoy (声音玩具) – The Most Wonderful Trip (最美妙的旅行)
  6. The LifeJourney (旅行团) – We Have a House in the Future (我们有间房子在未来)
  7. Mo Xi Zi Shi (莫西子诗) – The Moon and the Sea (月亮与海)
  8. Kurukawa (梁晓雪) – Believer
  9. Carrchy (卡奇社) – Careless Him (潦草的他)

Disc 2 Tracklist:

  1. Chiu-Pi (邱比) – Overnight Rain (整夜大雨)
  2. Joe & CC  左安西西
  3. PAN (詹盼) – Fish Scales (鱼鳞)
  4. mimiliang (汤旭) – Raven (乌鸦)
  5. FiFi Rong – Parting Life (在离别中生活)
  6. Du Kun (杜昆) – Zhi River (芝溪河)
  7. Spice (香料) – Tumor (寻光版 – Seeking Light Version)
  8. Mr.Graceless (不优雅先生) – Warm Horizon (Seeknig Light Version) (温暖地平线 (寻光版))
  9. Bupishu! (布皮树) – Split Second (Seeking Light Version) (一瞬间 (寻光版))
  10. Vanessa 金玟岐 – Talentwise Limited (才华有限公司)


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