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Amy’s Top Songs of 2018

Despite the lack of full albums and minis that I listened to over the past year, my current iTunes list of chosen songs this year has a whopping +90 tracks, so yeah. It’s been a difficult task to try to reduce my list by nearly half, so there will definitely be a lot of cheating on this list.


Sodagreen – Everyone

My favorite heart-tearing Taiwanese band is back with a new album titled Winter Endless (冬未了) and the single Everyone, directed by Li Bo-En (李伯恩) and Robert Bröllochs.


Sodagreen – The Story

Taiwanese band Sodagreen has released their latest single from their 2013 album Autumn: Stories (秋:故事) titled The Story (故事), directed by their longtime collaborator Muh Chen Yi Ren of Grass Jelly Studio.