Bibi Zhou – Two-disc Sing Along the Travel DVD

Title: Sing Along the Travel – In Beijing – Bibi Chou Live Tour
Artist: Bibi Zhou Bichang
Format: DVD
No. Discs: 2 + 2 Inserts
Duration: 145min.

Technical Specs

Region: All
Sound: Stereo
Video: PAL 16.9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Subtitles: Chinese Song Captions


DVD Disc 1:

  1. INTRO笔记 (Intro Bibi’s Notes)
  2. WOW
  3. 无人岛 (Deserted Island)
  4. 一周年 (Anniversary)
  5. 你们的爱 (Your Love)
  6. 单面镜 (Single Mirror)
  7. 毒磨菇 (Poisonous Mushroom)
  8. 风筝 (Kite)
  9. I miss U missing me
  10. 迷魂记+垃圾+浮夸 (Vertigo + Garbage + Exaggerate) [Faye Wong, Eason Chan]
  11. 鱼罐头 (Canned Fish)
  12. 恋爱料理 (Love Cuisine)
  13. 上帝咬过的苹果 (The Apple Bitten by God)
  14. 谁动了我的琴弦 (Who Touched my Violin String)
  15. 浏阳河2008 (Liuyang River 2008)
  16. 倒叙的时光 (Flashback Light)
  17. 蓝旗袍+窗外的天气 (Blue Qipao + Weather Outside my Window) [Mavis Fan, Elva Hsiao]
  18. 娃娃 (Kids)

DVD Disc 2:

  1. 传奇 (Legend) [Jian Li]
  2. 别爱我, 像爱个朋友+不痛+号码 (Don’t Love Me, Like Loving a Friend + Doesn’t Hurt + Phone Number)
  3. 笔记 (Bibi’s Notes)
  4. Season+天使之城+为了认识你 (Season + City of Angels + Just to Meet You)
  5. 爱是怀疑 (Love is Suspected) [Eason Chan]
  6. 大家一起喜洋洋 (To Be Happy Together)

There’s a very basic quality on this 2-disc concert release, in that it only contains the concert — strangely divided into two unequal parts, in very basic packaging. However, it is just a regular edition release at only $10USD (plus shipping). It’s totally worth it if you’re a fan of Bibi and you know for a fact that you’re never going to be able to see her live because you live so far away.

In this release, hyped as one expensive Chinese concert with some of the latest technology (including lasers, gels, screens, etc.), Bibi goes through — or sings along through, pun!– her different singing “eras” and even includes some footage from her singing contest days. She changes wardrobes, as she awkwardly dances through her most “dance-friendly” tracks, but you know her strongest numbers are when she just stands on that stage singing her heart out.

The show is good overall, but we’re here to discuss the technical points of the making of this DVD.

The performance sounds good, even with just the stereo track and without enhancing anything to make it sound kick-ass with 5.1 surround sound. No, it’s just two channels and still sounds crisp. The problems arise from the camera work, which at times works well with the more dynamic shots of the concert, but looks weak when more steady shots are needed. The image is neat and clear, but too shaky at times that take away from the overall feel.

Like I said, it’s more to do with how the concert was shot and not with the quality of the picture. My only issue technically would be that the first disc includes 18 songs, while the second disc only includes six. If the show had been divided in two equal parts, the video and audio quality could have been improved.

But still, for the price of the DVD — not bad.


Buy the Bibi Zhou’s Sing Along the Travel DVD on YesAsia:
3-disc DVD Taiwan Version2-disc DVD Mainland China


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8 Responses

  1. christina says:

    It’s quite a pity that I haven’t been to her concert ,but I have already searched the song Bibi sang in the concert. Exaggerate is one of my favourite songs of Eason Chan,but I think it has a different taste when sang by Bibi.

    • amy says:

      @christina, what I like about Bibi is that… whatever song she sings, she sounds like Bibi and not like someone trying to sing how the song is supposed to be.

      • Flora says:

        @amy, I like your comment”whatever song she sings, she sounds like Bibi and not like someone trying to sing how the song is supposed to be.”
        I was attracted by her voice, her voice is really special.

        • amy says:

          @Flora, one of the things that made me a fan was her celebrity impersonations and when she sang other people’s songs (like Mavis Fan 范曉萱).

      • yamachid says:

        @amy, Oh, yeah.❤蓝旗袍Blue Qipao[Mavis Fan]氧气~哭了~my favorite~Bibi’s performance is very good!!I love it!!❤

  2. ^^ says:

    传奇 (Legend) [Jian Li]

  3. yamachid says:

    I love it!!❤

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