Ghood Vibes: Interview with MFBTY

Whether you’re new to the Korean music scene, or you’ve been in it for awhile, chances are you’ve come across a song from one of the members of MFBTY. The three MC’s (Bizzy, Tiger JK, and Yoonmirae) have been courageously marching through the battle fields of Korean pop and hip-hop music for nearly two decades collectively, and now they’ve combined their talents to create MFBTY.

MFBTY started out because the trio had been socializing and collaborating on one another’s solo efforts for years, and they seemed to reach a higher  level of creative energy when together. So MFBTY was formed out of friendship and shared musical visions, and before you know it, hits started to flow from their time together. But the road hasn’t been easy for these three talented artists. We were able to ask them some questions and dig a little deeper into the minds of their creative process.

Hello! While many of the YAM writers are familiar with MFBTY and were very excited when Wondaland came out, can you please give our readers an introduction to MFBTY in your own words?

Tiger JK: MFBTY is a pop trio that makes wonderful pop music. Yoonmirae is our leader, Bizzy is the face, and I am the father that fathered all of our styles. MFBTY is an underground pop music group that was made accidentally on a social network. Our fans are better than most because they can abandon us at any given time!

Yoonmirae: My name is Tasha, but I’m better known as Yoonmirae or T. For more information about myself and MFBTY please check out our website,

Bizzy: MFBTY means My Fans Better Than Yours aka mother#ckin’ Bizzy, Tiger, Yoonmirae aka My Father’s Better Than Yours for Father’s Day.

As a big fan of Indian music and culture I noticed Bang Diggy Bang Bang right off the bat. It does a fantastic job of fusing traditional Indian dance beats into a hip-hop jam, can you tell us a bit about the song and its creation?

Tiger JK: I’m very driven by sound and hear patterns in sounds. And although I don’t understand what’s being said, something about Indian music is very rich in rhythm and draws emotions from me. I was listening to Indian scat singing and it sounded amazing to me. Some of it even sounded like Korean! The one part of the scat I took to use during the hook in Bang Diggy Bang Bang sounds, to me at least, just like “jump around and nod your head” in Korean. And the sitar sounds remind me of sounds from a traditional Korean instrument called a gayageum. We took those parts and added real drums and bongos to them. I even added metal chopsticks for hi-hats! When Tasha started harmonizing the hook in the recording booth, we decided to add bass and that 808. And our son Jordan was the one that recommended we add that little bit of electro-like synth.

Bizzy: Every language has a unique sound, and I get inspired by that.


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  1. Shine_Alight says:

    Really cool interview (as always with Muther$uckin Bizzy Tiger Yoon Mirae). I love the facts that they are so down to earth and real music lovers. Coolest hiphop band !

    PS: Come do a concert in Paris please !

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