Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2015

30. IU – Glasses (안경)

IU had to face her own copyright firestorm this year, it seems. I’m not very aware, however, her album CHAT-SHIRE was a pretty good attempt at “Amy’s Album of the Year” material. It was very close to getting there. This song, alongside with Twenty-three (스물셋) [MV], had a strong lyrics game going on.

29. San E ft Vasco & C Jamm – $o Dope [1] [also an album of the year]

28. Swanand Kirkire, Amit Trivedi, Arijit Singh & Neeti Mohan – Senti Wali Mental [MV]

I’m a really big fan of Amit Trivedi music, generally. Though I haven’t had the chance to watch the dud that was Shaandaar yet, Senti Wali Mental reminded me a lot of Trivedi’s Motumaster [1]. The video is, I suppose, kinda spoilerific if you’d care to watch the movie… the video is the literal representation of the lyrics, which talk about the sentimentality and superficiality of both genders (during the Sangeet ceremony before marriage), but later switches voices as the man mocks the woman for her weight and size, the bride and her family then turn the tables around to denounce the man for being the dumbass that he is.

27. YEN TOWN BAND – AINONE (アイノネ) [MV]

Oh.My.God. They’re back.

26. Sodagreen (蘇打綠) – He Raised His Hand to Make a Rollcall (他舉起右手點名)

Sodagreen’s album Winter Endless (冬 未了) also almost made it to my list of best of the year, mainly because they’ve created a pretty great pop rockish opera there– the album comes in a two-disc presentation, with the 2nd disc being completely instrumental… Allegro, Adagios, and the whole shebang~

In this song, Qing proves he’s one hell of a good lyricist. It baffles me that he might be a Coldplay fan, because Qing is definitely a better individual and entertainer than the snooze-fest leader of that band. xD

25. Sukhwinder Singh, Haricharan & Haripriya – Chali Kahani

Because everyone’s addicted to A.R. Rahman’s music, amirite?

24. The Murky Crows (昏鴉) – Thy Kingdom Glory (願你的王國榮耀) [LV]

[another album of the year]

23. Junkie XL – Brothers In Arms (Extended Version)

F, yeah! I should’ve played this song over the weekend when the taxi driver was driving me home. I feel the over-importance of this apocalyptic action adventure.

[another album of the year]

22. Esteman featuring Natalia LaFourcade – Caótica Belleza

50% of my Latino picks is done. Funny thing, LaFourcade has just won Album of the Year at this year’s Grammy Latino (if not mistaken), but she didn’t place any songs in my radar. xD

21. Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) – Salt of the Earth (地球之盐) [1] [also an album of the year]

The Save the Planet message is strong with China this year.


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