Top30 Favorite Film Discoveries of 2016

25. Mad Detective (神探)

Bang Bang Bang xD [1]

That’s one way to finish the year~ Anyone care to tell me how they were going to clean up that story? xD

24. Green Tea (绿茶)

I have to see Zhao Wei blind-dating (and trying to shake Jiang Wen off) in an artsy movie with cinematography by Christopher Doyle. SOLD!

23. The Last Supper (王的盛宴)

I clearly remember people telling me Lu Chuan’s follow-up to his highly underrated City of Life and Death was really bad. Currently, it has a dismal 5.7 IMDb rating (even with a median 5.8) LOL I was surprised to see how much I liked the dirty historical politics. xD

22. El Último Verano de La Boyita

# Growing up is complicated~

21. Mother Water (マザーウォーター)

#This is my ideal life aesthetic xD

I want to live in a neighborhood where Mikako Ichikawa sells me tofu, Satomi Kobayashi serves me whisky, Kyoko Koizumi serves me coffee and every time I go about town, I run into Masako Motai and Ryo Kaze :P

Nothing happens in Kana Matsumoto’s Mother Water other than draw an image to lure those who dream of a quiet uneventful life. Just sitting about, looking at the clean minimal landscape, eating or drinking something. When I ended up in Kyoto, UGH, that was the dream. lol I think Kyoto is my dream city. xD Goals.

20. Agneepath

Pa’qué te digo que no, si sí me gustó.

I still find it extremely weird that you get “cigarettes/smoking is injurious to health” notices in a movie where people kill others. xD

19. The Thief of Bagdad

I was really quiet impressed with all the effects :O Plus, Anna May Wong!

18. New Women (新女性)

Catching up with more Ruan Lingyu’s filmography. It’s hard to get copies with subs T_T

17. Brazil

I don’t know why I thought Terry Gilliam’s Brazil would crack my Top5 or,at least, my Top10. I was most impressed with the results of the plastic surgery scenes, though. Like- freaking plastic surgery nightmares~~~

16. The Godfather

The Godfather is one of those movies that everyone tells you is so great that it’s really hard for it to live to its expectations. xD I’ll take Once Upon a Time in America any day. I may have ruined my experience because I’ve seen bits and pieces on TV. :\


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