Top30 Favorite Film Discoveries of 2015

5. Once Upon a Time in America

I’m not generally a gangster film type of person, especially since Sergio Leone is famous for his Spaghetti Western films and I’m not a western film type of person either. LOL But, I was most impressed~~~ It’s a long ass movie, but crafted so well and delivered so perfectly, that it’s barely noticeable.


I did end up watching quite a FEW “Once Upon a Time” films (#22), as well as Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West… followed by Anatolia and Mexico that add to the list that includes Vietnam, India and Shanghai.

4. Sunset Boulevard

If you’re into celebrity culture, get your fix with the ups and downs of stardom. Well, Billy Wilder’s backhanded compliment to the Hollywood of yore is amazing. Despite its setting –Gloria Swanson just slays and slays in here– it’s atemporal. Celebrity (and non-celebrity) stardom seems to be more important than ever before.


For non-filmy people that know of Swanson (probably through crosswords– aka. my mom), she became this larger than life Norma Desmond character through myth. My mom actually told me Swanson disappeared, like in the film, tragically with the introduction of sound. I’m just glad nothing truly tragic became of her, as she was able to move on with the times.

3. Hard Boiled (辣手神探)

It’s 2hrs long, and though it has many shoot-em-up scenes throughout; the hospital hostage crisis (which may be the worst rescue mission EVER) is the most amazing 30min. of pure shoot’em up beauty. Here’s that long take.


2. Tillsammans

Literally, last watch of the year.

I had been looking forward to catching up with Lukas Moodisson’s films since I saw Fucking Amal years ago. Is it only me or does Michael Nyqvist looks awfully like Gael Garcia Bernal in this movie, and Lisa Lindgren looks similar to Michelle Williams. xD

Anyway~ how can you beat ABBA (twice in this list!!), children pretending to be Pinochet playing the torture game (!!!), discussions on socialism and communism in 70s Sweden, sausages-craving (no puns intended) in communal veggie diet, sexual fluidity, secret porn stashes, and fun family football time!


1. Chinese Odyssey 2002 (天下無雙)

Is it possible to write a nonsensical story with a purpose? Jeffrey Lau’s early millennium period comedy -sometimes wuxia sometimes musical- of “imprisoned” Imperial siblings that meet their destined lovers in the outcasts of a tiny village during the Ming dynasty seems to prove it.

Great comedy, and perfect cast make Chinese Odyssey 2002 an amazing movie. And unlike Princess Raccoon (#10) this one does have pop hooks within all its Chinese-ness. Great soundtrack.


Princess escapes palace dressed up as boy. Good-hearted brother sets out to find boy for boyish sister, sister falls in love with princess boy and tries to flirt with those legs and killer come-hither look. Tactics don’t work and boyish girl’s heart is broken because princess boy feels for good-hearted thug.

Well, Letterboxd changed my film count before the 31st was over, so I didn’t take note of how many I saw. However, according to unofficial count, it was 507. And only 23 were rated +7.

Any recommendation that you haven’t already recommended I watch?

What did you all watch all year long besides new movies?


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  1. aw man, after I ~finally~ finish my 2015 music post, I might do something like this. might. I totally need to watch So Close, as well as The Heroic Trio…
    also this might be nice after Muriel’s Wedding: ”
    So glad I got Attack the Block on DVD, especially since, when I shared it with friends and family, they needed subs for the accents.
    Swanson managed to do better in talkies than some of her contemporaries, but yeah, her celebrity dimmed until Sunset Boulevard. Also nice for the Buster Keaton cameo during the “waxworks” card game…now that’s an even sadder story somewhat centered around the talkie transition. At least he got to see his best work rediscovered and re-appreciated, though.
    Have you seen “Hipsters (Stilyagi)” yet? It’s a Russian musical that’s quite long, but some sequences are really brilliant.

    • Amy says:

      I’ll look Stilyagi up :D thanks!

      And yeah, it’s kinda sad about Buster Keaton, but as I understand, his problems had more to do with his drinking, no? I read Swanson had a steady career on the radio (!!) which in itself is a lot more ironic considering people though she disappeared because of the talkies. Why have a face, when you have a voice! xD

      • re: Buster Keaton: he didn’t have as much trouble with alcohol until the combination of a messy divorce and moving from independent studio control to MGM constraints (pushing him through more sound films than he could actually take care with- along with his voice being odd for previous fans), and possibly seeing fellow silent film friends not do well (especially Fatty Arbuckle) led him to fall more on drink, and then all these factors together fed on each other for years. At least things got better for him towards the end of his life, though.

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