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Top30 Favorite Film Discoveries of 2017

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to a 2018 with more writing and more movies. Looking back at my movie-watching last year, I don’t think I watched too many films from the West, so this list seems incredibly unbalanced.



Adako-san has just lost her daughter Emiri, yet she is unable to catch the man who raped and killed her because Emiri’s friends are unable to recall any detail to identify him. Fifteen years later, Emiri’s friends are young women who are still waiting to pay their debt.


Love my Life

Based on the popular manga by Yamaji Ebine, Love My Life is the story of quirky Ichiko and solemn Eri whom are secret lovers. Ichiko decides she wants to tell her father about her relationship and receives quite a shock when her father confesses he’s also homosexual.