My Favorite Films of 2017

Well, frak it. I’m not done watching 2017 movies yet. I got like five in the pending queue, but I’m not gonna make it. xD

These lists keep on expanding. From clear Top10s in 2010, Top15 in 2014, 30 movies last year, to I don’t even know how many this year. LOL I’m totally comfortable with my current Top10, despite the fact that I only have 95 ranked films that were released this year (103 if you count the ones I didn’t rank), compared to my 151 last year; and I could be totally game for my Top50— meaning, I watched less bad movies than other years. So yay, Amy!

Let’s be honest, though, I’m going to be the asshole that says that 2017 is a low-movie year, compared to the [current] Top25 hard 4-star movies from last year, there’s only currently seven hard 4-star movies so far, and it doesn’t look like many would reach the Top15 that year.

My biggest disappointment this year was Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai (காற்று வெளியிடை) because I wanted it to be SO good. The music was still noteworthy, to the point that it made my list of Top50 songs :)

Janicza Bravo’s Lemon, The Mummy, The Dark Tower, and Naam Shabana complete my Bottom5. :/

Read: Mis Estrenos Locales Favoritos del 2017 [Google Translate]

Note: I didn’t watch many superhero films.

  1. White Ant (白蟻) [Taiwan]
  2. Spider-Man: Homecoming [USA]
  3. Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web [New Zealand]
  4. Toilet – Ek Prem Katha (टॉयलेट: एक प्रेम कथा) [India]
  5. Lady Macbeth [UK]
  6. Rangoon (रंगून) [India] [Trailer]
  7. Trapped [India]
  8. Loving Vincent [Poland]
  9. Brigsby Bear [USA]
  10. A Special Lady (미옥) [Korea]
  11. The Summer is Gone (八月) [China]
  12. Our Time Will Come (明月幾時有) [China/HK] [Trailer]
  13. El Sistema Solar [Peru]
  14. Wonder Woman [USA]
  15. Call Me by your Name [Italy/France]
  16. Baby Driver [USA]
  17. I, Tonya [USA]
  18. Blade of the Immortal (無限の住人) [Japan]
  19. A Ghost Story [USA]
  20. Sami Blood (Sameblod) [Sweden]
  21. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion [India] [Trailer]
  22. Duckweed (乘风破浪) [China]
  23. Mom (मॉम) [India]
  24. The Village of No Return (健忘村) [China]
  25. Jagga Jasoos (जग्गा जासूस) [India]
  26. Blade Runner 2049 [USA]
  27. The Beguiled [USA] [Trailer]
  28. Wu Kong (悟空传) [China]
  29. Close-Knit (彼らが本気で編むときは、) [Japan]
  30. Big Sick [USA]

20. Vikram Vedha (விக்ரம் வேதா) [India]

You can check it out on Einthusan with English Subtitles.

19. The Villainess (악녀 / 惡女) [Korea]

The return of Kim Ok-bin <3

18. Our Shining Days (闪光少女) [China]

I noticed I watched a lot of Chinese films this year. Somehow. Our Shining Days is the Nodame Cantabile Zhonguofeng rom-com we all deserve~

You can apparently watch it on Haiuken with English subtitles.

17. First They Killed My Father [Cambodia/USA]

This is available through Netflix.

16. Mad World (一念無明) [Hong Kong]

You can try checking out Mad World on Haiuken.


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  1. Diandra says:

    glad I saw The Villainess in theaters…and eventually caught Get Out on DVD. haven’t seen much new besides blockbusters, which I do like now and then, but I’d need to see more from this year to have perspective to make a top 10

  1. January 8, 2019

    […] After years [1][2][3] of data; Yes, it’s Mamamoo’s fault. The positives, though, I have registered 31 more hours than I did last year with an extra 18 movies. My movie-watching in general got better because I managed to watch 132 brand new 2018 movies (compared to the 103 in 2017). […]

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