My Favorite Films of 2017

5. A Death in the Gunj [India]

Now that I think of it, Konkona Sen Sharma’s directorial debut is kinda like the perfect prelude to my #4 film, as we follow the unraveling of Vikrant Massey’s character. Of course, Konkona’s story is less in your face and much more straightforward.

4. mon mon mon MONSTERS (報告老師!怪怪怪怪物!) [Taiwan]

I didn’t know that I needed a zombie-monster version of All About Lily Chou Chou. Thank you, Giddens Ko. Complete with Yen Town Band and all.

Though a lot of the promotion doesn’t match the mood of the actual film.

You can try Haiuken.

Note: Shunji Iwai’s All About Lily Chou Chou is proving to be one of the most relevant films of this new millennium.

3. Mudbound [USA]

Heh, Netflix can’t catch a break. lol

I’ll take the SAG nomination for Best Ensemble, though.

Also, Mary J. Blige is the only one being celebrated (kinda), but also don’t forget about Jason Mitchell.

2. Coco [USA]

Coco’s original English audio track is cancelled. LOL This is the only version y’all deserve. I actually found the title Remember Me [audio] in various languages; including Mandarin (Jam Hsiao’s Qing Ji Zhu Wo 请记住我 [YouTube]), Cantonese (Andy Hui’s version [YouTube]), Korean (Yoon Jong Shin’s Gieoghae Jwo 기억해 줘 [YouTube]), French (Ne m’Oublie Pas [audio]), Italian (Ricordami [audio], Portuguese (Lembra-te de Mim [audio]), Russian (Ne Zabyvay Не забывай [audio])… and I’m honestly side-eyeing the Japanese dub for keeping the ‘remember me’ リメンバー・ミー.

But… despite the Italian version and the super weepy Russian one, Recuerdame [audio] just hits you so hard, lyrics and all. FEELINGS!

Recuérdame, hoy me tengo que ir, mi amor
Recuérdame, no llores, por favor
Te llevo en mi corazón y cerca me tendrás
A solas yo te cantaré, soñando en regresar

Recuérdame, aunque tengo que emigrar
Recuérdame, si mi guitarra oyes llorar
Ella con su triste canto te acompañará, hasta que en mis brazos tú estés

1. Love Education (相爱相亲) [China/Taiwan]

After holding onto my Top5, Sylvia Chang tops my list [so far] with the cross-generational drama Love Education, which follows the lives of Qiu Huiying (Chang), her daughter Weiwei (Yueting Lang), and Laolao (Yanshu Wu) in modern day China facing tradition, entangled relationships and institutional red tape. It’s kinda like Coco, but you know- about women and for grown-ups. LOL

To be fair, it does deal with burial traditions and memory. In one of my favorite scenes, Laolao, who had been struggling against Huiying the whole movie, is given a piece of her memory to treasure. However, life is cruel, and rain manages to even take that away from her, finally breaking her.

My favorite movie of 2017.

You can try Haiuken.

There you go~ phew. This turned into a feature xD

Customary 2017 Films Ranked Letterboxd and MUBI 2017 Highlights links.

What were your favorite movies this year?


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  1. Diandra says:

    glad I saw The Villainess in theaters…and eventually caught Get Out on DVD. haven’t seen much new besides blockbusters, which I do like now and then, but I’d need to see more from this year to have perspective to make a top 10

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