Amy’s 2014 Movies Revisited

I think my movie watching plateaus at +200 features [1][2], so I think it’s quite safe to admit that my Top10 after my end-of-the-year lists have finally settled. Quite early in April, compared to July last year! Though I do have to admit that I feel I’m still missing a couple of Chinese language titles (*cough*Gone with the Bullets (一步之遥)*cough*) and a couple of other Japanese titles.

My confession of 2014 is that I didn’t feel quite as strong about the movies that I got to watch- only rated six movies with full 4-star ratings, compared to over 15 titles in 2013. Or maybe one becomes pickier as the years go by. As a result, I feel a lot more comfortable with my Top15 picks, instead of the usual ten. The only problem? I didn’t actually keep an orderly history track of my likes.

Final thoughts? So glad to see Canada representing (so strongly!), surprised I was so lukewarm with most Korean (mainstream) films, low representation of Chinese films (they’ve become harder to come by with subtitles) and massive presence of Indian movies covering a third of this Top15.

Rank Favorite 2014 Movies as Seen in 2014 Favorite 2014 Movies Seen by 2015 Status
1 Bangalore Days (2014, India)  Haider (2014, India) +
2 Haider (2014, India) Bangalore Days (2014, India)
3 X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014, USA) Whiplash (2014, USA) *
4 Boyhood (2014, USA) X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014, USA)
5 Aberdeen (香港仔) (2014, Hong Kong) Mommy (2014, Canada) *
6 Enemy (2013, Canada / Spain) When Marnie Was There (思い出のマーニー) (2014, Japan) *
7 Maps to the Stars (2014, Canada / France / Germany / USA) Boyhood (2014, USA)
8 Dedh Ishqiya (2014, India) PK (2014, India) *
9 The World of Kanako (渇き。) (2014, Japan) Han Gong-Ju (한공주) (2014, Korea) *
10 Pride (2014, UK / France) Dedh Ishqiya (2014, India)
11 Coming Home (归来) (2014, China) Aberdeen (香港仔) (2014, Hong Kong)
12 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014, USA) Maps to the Stars (2014, Canada / France / Germany / USA)
13 Nightcrawler (2014, USA) Enemy (2013, Canada / Spain)
14 Filmistaan (2012, India) Jigarthanda (2014, India) *
15 Gone Girl (2014, USA) Predestination (2014, Australia) *

Mandatory MUBI 2014 Highlights and Letterboxd 2014 Ranked lists.


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