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Films for the Animal Lovers

A common trope often adopted by those in the movie-making business is to ‘never work with children and animals.’


15 Movies for Cinema Fanatic: A Year with Women

Our dear Marya Gates is embarking on an outstanding journey that many of us thought could be impossible- spending 2015 JUST watching films directed, written, co-directed or co-written by women. So I took the chance to make a list because I LUVVVV lists.


Toilet (Japanese Film)

Toilets are important in Japan. And who’s better to talk about toilets than Naoko Ogigami’s often dry humor, especially if it’s going to be at the hand of Masako Motai.



Every day, Sayoko walks the riverbank advertising her cat rental services to people who are lonely.

Rent-a-Cat Trailer

The trailer for Rent-a-Cat (レンタネコ) written and directed by Naoko Ogigami, starring Mikako Ichikawa, is out.