The Top10 List You Didn’t Expect: 2010

You are thinking, what the heck is Amy talking about? A Top 10 list of 2010 all the way into October of 2011? Yes, people. Though my 2010 film count — according to IMDb year — is a measly 155 films counting only feature films and documentaries, I finally feel content with the amount of films to consider for a Best of List.

I’m trying to pick varied genres~~~

10. Exit Through the Gift Shop
9. Potiche
8. Love in a Puff
7. Inception
6. Black Swan
5. The Yellow Sea
4. Toy Story 3
3. Colorful
2. The Ghost Writer

1. Aftershocks

Sorry, guys. I do love me some melodrama, and Aftershocks turns out to be great for it.

In a surprising turn of events, Black Swan — maybe not, I’ve had a Natalie Portman over-saturation period — dropped from my Top5 alongside Inception, which just doesn’t hold off very well after repeat viewings. Toy Story 3 held surprisingly well, but Pixar’s decision to release shorts may have trumped my enjoyment of that perfect trilogy.

Colorful made a killer leap from nowhere and landed to the third spot ahead of Toy Story 3 – $#^*$&^#@&#$*(&$ — sorry, animated films in Japan are still in a whole different league than any other place in the world. Against Colorful, Toy Story 3 themes are kiddy stuff.

If you’d like to see my unordered Best of 2010 list, check it out on MUBI.

So after all this time? How does your list of 2010 look like?

Does it look the same as the one you did earlier?


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  1. ghost says:

    I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough films to make a list.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, I don’t know whether this list would look like this in 5 years. It’s nearly impossible to make a perfect list, as film-watching just really keeps on going. As long as one keeps on watching films, these lists will always change.

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  2. February 15, 2018

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