Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2017

30. Beth Ditto – Fire [MV]

29. Shiina Ringo (椎名林檎) – Ma Vie, Mes Rêves (人生は夢だらけ)

Shiina Ringo’s Shibuya-kei jazz is irresistible to me.

28. Arijit Singh – Haareya

Meri Pyaari Bindu, now THAT’s a movie I really liked that a lot of people didn’t. LOL

Despite everything (Alia getting better scripts, among other things), Parineeti’s my favorite current generation actress. And Ayushmann has really been great in the last few films he’s done to the point that he’s already made up for Vicky Donor in my eyes. LOL Set to the voice of Arijit Singh, there’s no losing. Even if it doesn’t reach Ae Dil Hai Mushkil levels of heartache [1]. There’s a lot to love in Haareya.

27. Shashaa Tirupati – Vaan [LV]

I really REALLY ended up hating Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai, so this definitely ended up dropping a couple of places.

26. Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) – The Ship (船) [audio]

25. Mamamoo – AZEGAG (아재개그)

Amy, your bias is showing. x’D

It is, I don’t care. When the first highlight clip of Azegag dropped, I kept replaying and it’s been on silly repeat since June. It’s dropped several places, but I kept it here. I really do appreciate any song that ends up with countless of translations and translators’ notes [1][2], leaving locals wondering how international fans can get any of the brilliance/punny jokes. Even Korean Language channels have taken their time to explain.

I’m a firm believer that great songs/music goes beyond what “international sound” is, and that people should immerse themselves in whatever aspect of their media, instead of the media fitting whatever sound people think they should have. Maybe it’s the reason why I like each country’s folk/traditional music.

Plus, so freaking fun.

24. Son Lux – Dream State [LV]

23. Julien Baker – Sour Breath [1]

22. Epik High featuring Kim Jong Wan – Lost One (개화)

I was so moved by this song. It took me back to Eminem’s When I’m Gone [MV] at times, but less sad and more heartfelt, listening to Tablo telling his daughter about the great sacrifices that he’s made to achieve some of the things that people think are so great. He warns her of the easy flattery, that it may dazzle her eyes, but that she should ever choose, he hopes it’d be an easier road.

Follow those who chose the easy path
For they may have the answer
The path I chose is bent like a question mark
And only gives birth to countless problems
I hope the dream
You dreamed because of me
Won’t turn out to be a nightmare when you wake up
Now that I’ve run to the very end
I see that there’s not a thing that resembles the eternity, healing and answers I was looking for
I ran down this path for my family, only to have it take my father’s life
It seems that the gunshot signaling the start
Was intended for my back
Listen well
Even if the whole world welcomes you
That same world will abandon you, so you gotta let go
Before it’s too late
Cuz I’ve been there before
This path may dazzle your eyes
But don’t be fooled by the diamonds and gold
Don’t get drunk on applause
Sometimes they will use compliments as shackles
Even when they roll out the red carpet for you, don’t forget
That it has turned red from soaking up your blood and sweat

Here are the full lyrics.

21. yahyel – Iron [MV]


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4 Responses

    second, really like the drama of Chen Weilun and Ding Wei
    surprised to see that Rene/Residente made a song that fits a lot of your aural aesthetic…then again he is always exploring

    and yeah, Latin America makes some of the best political anthems.

    I feel like Macy Gray was popular a while ago but peaked around the time she was in Spider-Man. Still hear one of her Christmas songs in the store during retail work

    • amy says:

      Was Macy Gray in Spider-Man???? I can’t remember AT ALL. lol
      I was really surprised Residente came up with a song like Apocaliptico (Idiotas almost took its place, coz lol so funny, so relatable~), but he just really surprised me with this one.

      Chen Weilun is like, so Western sounding, but the whole Chinese poetry makes it so Chinese without going overboard with traditional instruments.

      I find it interesting that most songs Shiina has been releasing are jingles or TVCM songs, but they’re so good, they’re just songs that happened to be used in commercials. lol I was looking back and was taken aback by the fact that God nor Buddha was a TVCM for LG. xDDDDD

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