Amy’s 2016 Music Highlights

14. Kent – Då Som Nu För Alltid

Kent has just recently bid their fans goodbye in an emotional farewell tour that ended this past week [1], living all of us with a heartfelt and hopeful album [iTunes], probably the best since Vapen & Ammunition— shout out to Julz!

13. Amit Trivedi – Fitoor / Udta Punjab

First cheat of the list! Double duty for Amit Trivedi and both these OSTs this year. Of the two movies, Udta Punjab just sweeps the floor with Fitoor, but Fitoor‘s OST [iTunes] is so freaking good. Also, extra points for introducing Zeb Bangash to me. I ADORE her voice.

And to have Udta Punjab [iTunes] just be a complete different sound and feel is something that blows me away.

12. Regina Spektor – Remember Us to Life

Confession! I skip the opening to Orange is the New Black since the beginning of Season 1, even though I’ve loved Regina Spektor for close to a decade. I haven’t felt this good about a Regina Spektor album [iTunes] since Soviet Kitsch. And that’s me telling you I’m a fan since Begin to Hope, ha!

11. Waa Wei (魏如萱) – Run! Frantic Flowers! (末路狂花)

Waa doesn’t dazzle like she did with her 2014 album, You Lovely Bastard (還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們), but still impresses with a very strong, fun and eclecticly titled Run! Frantic Flowers!. It’s also interesting to note that the Chinese title is also the title of the now-iconic Thelma & Louise.

The album is available on iTunes, though I don’t see the info in English, all the songs have official English names available on KKBox.


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  1. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I am extremely surprised Mamamoo didn’t end up on spot 1. I came here thinking that. Only damn reason I even bothered to check your list haha. There is still hope for you!

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