Bingo! The Documentary

Intriguing, if not quite satisfying, Bingo, the Documentary delves into underground world of bingo. Filmmaker John Jeffcoat takes an unanticipated, and often endearing look at all that is this familiar game that can be enjoyed by everyone in different shapes and forms! Like our editor’s Kpop favorite, Mamamoo [1]!!

The story revolves around Pappy and Joey. They are best friends who are in need of some extra cash and they end up in a bingo hall. The world of bingo, which rakes in billions per year [1] and has more adherents than sports, arts and showbiz combined.

Common thread is all the addictive personalities without much self-reflection and cross-section is as unlovely and non-youthful as you’d expect. Pic is aided by snappy music and a tongue-in-cheek tone. But despite the presence of psych types who put both positive and troubling spins on the passive pastime, it doesn’t quite get to what makes the faithful tick — perhaps because there’s nothing to get.

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