Amy’s 2016 Music Highlights

2. Anohni – Hopelessness

Definitely favorite discovery of 2016 [1]. Anohni’s voice just pierces through your subconscious to drill that globalist doom dread that we’ve all been feeling this year. With songs like Drone Bomb Me, Execution, Obama and Violent Men; it’s hard not to pay attention.

There’s no full stream, so you’ll have to do with the videos ANOHNI has released so far.

You can get ANOHNI’s full-length debut on iTunes or Bandcamp.

1. Su Yunying (苏运莹) – Ming Ming (冥明)

And this is it~ THIS is my favorite album of 2016, despite the fact that it was technically released on December 29th last year. So this is technically cheating (my second and last cheat!). However, I did spend three months of 2016 before I actually found out that the album was release, and that Sony Taiwan was just playing with our hearts~~~

Ming Ming is an album of experience that elevates you, and takes you higher with each soaring note that Sue gives. She’s unique, she’s a free spirit, and we should ever be so lucky to bask in her sound. Though nowadays it’s controversial to compare singers with a western counterpart, I totally get why people say she reminds them of Bjork [Note: Funniest comment- Bjork + Supermodel Lu Yan (吕燕)]; she’s one of those singer-composers who just click with their audience through sound.

Su Yunying could very well be a much younger Bjork, the one we met through Big Time Sensuality [MV] playing with the camera, but had to develop in modern China. Her sound— almost a perfect blend of East meets West, with the direction of Taiwanese composer Chen Chien-Chi (陳建騏), who also constantly works with Waa [listed above]. Her lyrics, a reflection of her being a China’s 90s generation kid. Sometimes I don’t even understand how she’s using characters.

You know an album is pure bliss when you have it on constant repeat.

You can get the album on iTunes, and it’s still available as a physical release on YesAsia. You can follow her activities on Facebook, as well as Weibo where she is most active.

So~ how was it? What were your favorite albums this year, and favorite new discoveries?


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  1. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I am extremely surprised Mamamoo didn’t end up on spot 1. I came here thinking that. Only damn reason I even bothered to check your list haha. There is still hope for you!

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