Amy’s 2016 Music Highlights

My 2014 music-mark record of 180 Albums/EPs/Compilation/Singles in 2014 seems like such a far goal for me to reach nowadays, though, I must confess that my productivity levels this year has been down by, at least, 15-20% in all fronts. Though my movie-watching dropped, I actually reached last year’s music total with 163 titles!

This year I listened to a lot of the releases featured on the Xiami front page (much better recommendations than iTunes xD), so I always felt all my music lists were going to be heavily Chinese-biased, but they might not~ I also made a return to Korea, so I’ve been reconnecting with old fandoms and found new ones *cough*Moomoo*cough*.

Interesting fact, I was planning on making my regular 10-highlights, but since I had 27 candidates, I decided to expand my list to 20 this year. But when I did, the ranking of the Top10 changed quite a bit.

So without further ado~ let’s begin with the bonus!

DABDA (다브다) – Island of Each

One of my favorite discoveries this year, discovered through that “interesting thumbnail so I will click on it” on Mirrorball’s YouTube channel. Dabda describes themselves as “pastel psychedelic,” and the breezy surreal vibe is infused throughout their first EP, Island of Each [iTunes]. They’re formed by Kim Ji-Ae (김지애) in vocals, Lee Seung-hyun (이승현) in the drums, Lee Yo Sep (이요셉) in the guitar, and Bae Sangeon (배상언) in the bass.

You can follow Dabda on Facebook too.

SEENROOT (신현희와김루트) – Seenroot’s Wonderland (신루트의 이상한 나라)

Another one of my favorite discoveries~ I told ya I reconnected with Korean music this year. Simply known as SEENROOT, their Korean name is actually just the duo’s names— vocalist/guitarist Shin Hyun Hee (신현희) AND bass/vocalist/chorus Root Kim (김루트). Therefore; SEEN+ROOT.

You can follow the duo’s activities through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter [Shin][Root]

Warning: This is gonna be a heavy list on videos~~~


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  1. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I am extremely surprised Mamamoo didn’t end up on spot 1. I came here thinking that. Only damn reason I even bothered to check your list haha. There is still hope for you!

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