Notable Animation of the Decade So Far

About half a year ago, I asked people on Twitter and Facebook about their favorite animated films during the 2010s so far, and while the YAMMag team decides to sort out their films of the decade, I decided to take a look at the animated films I’d seen so far~


For animated films, check out My Animation Feature List Ranked on both MUBI and Letterboxd. And my animation tag on Letterboxd.

So let’s get this started~


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  1. February 29, 2016

    […] By the way, you don’t get to see a film with a highly ambitious concept made to the budget of higher than US $100M very often. But Pixar took the risk and it paid off highly. Barring a cossolal f*ck-up from the awards voters, Inside Out will mostly likely win Best Animated Picture — it could even be a strong Best Picture candidate at the 88th Academy Awards, if Disney mounts a strong campaign– and it ranks toe-to-toe with Toy Story 3 and The Congress as one of the decade’s best animated films. […]

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