Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2012

This year I set out to listen to as much music as I could, and it certainly feels that way with a whopping 143 albums/EP listened — I don’t think I’ve listened to as many albums before a year is over EVER. There were highs and very low lows. However, I noticed an interesting shift — early in the year, my list look suspiciously lacking in English, filled with Asian music and… woah, was that more than two tracks in Spanish?

I couldn’t really explain my listening habits, until I read this post titled “Major music industry report says future pop sensations will be YouTube-driven globalised acts from Asia and South America” on The Independent [1], stating this gem:

The investment will be in all genres and languages, from local music in China to Portugal and Colombia.  We’re seeing small revenues for the first time from Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa and Peru.

Well, welcome to my freaking world, World.

So without further ado, here are my on-repeat tracks of 2012 on my iPod.

50. La Nueva Invasión – Serpiente Dios

Now, I wouldn’t normally be the type of person who would listen to Cumbia, but I really can’t escape the chorus once it begins with the “Que se vayan los que vienen a matar, los que vienen a robar, al que viene a envenenar.” (Go away those who come to kill, those who come to steal, the one who comes to poison).

It takes me back to the politically charged but madly fun days of Los Nosequien y Los Nosecuantos’ Las Torres [MV].

49. Clover – Pork Soup (돼지 국밥) [Xiami]

Korean Hip-Hop goes Mexican, alright~

48. M.I.C – Suffocation (窒息)

Say what you say about M.I.C, Mainland China and its boy bands. I can feel the Latin vibe of this track.

It’s like my roots are meshing together into this song.

47. Marina and the Diamonds – Homewrecker (Acoustic) [1]

46. Pink – Try [1]

45. Monsieur Periné – Nada Puro Hay

Ay, Dios mio, Colombia!

This year has been a pretty darn good year for Colombian music~

Get the album on iTunes.

44. Chris Lee – Years Like Fire (似火年华) [1]

43.  B. Fleischmann – I’m Not Ready for the Grave Yet [Xiami]

42.  The Hives – Go Right Ahead [1]

41. Mika Nakashima – If the World Ends Tomorrow (明日世界が終わるなら) [1]


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  1. whoa you listened to a lot of music! Really liking the cumbia tracks.

  2. GIACOMO says:

    is there a playlist?

    • amy says:

      @GIACOMO, there isn’t… unless you count my iPod, since there’s no single place that has all the songs (in complete form). But I could try to put something together on YouTube

  3. Eri says:

    Marina & The Diamonds, Mika Nakashima, Fiona Apple, B.A.P, Kaela Kimura, Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, Big Bang, G-Dragon, Sa Ding Ding, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchstra, Singer Sen, Ga In, Imogen Heap, Meisa Kuroki, Sunny Hill, holy crap – Faye Wong, too!?? (she’s my fave chinese singer, followed by Sa Ding Ding, Singer Sen and Shang Wenjie tying for 2nd place) – you did it again! We’re like music twins! :)

    • amy says:

      @Eri, Oh you should def. check out track 28 on the list. I think you’ll love Hamacide’s track with ChaCha. And we do seem like music twins! xD

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