G-Dragon – Coup d’État MV

G-Dragon’s made a comeback, or what Koreans like to call a comeback [1][2] anyway, with a brand new song and spanking new music video by Seo Hyun Seung (thank you NOT AllKpop and Soompi).

Titled Coup d’État, the song got off to a controversial start when YG and G-Dragon posted a photo and teaser of himself in what seemed to be blackface to the dismay of the internetz [1][2][3]. And this proves why controversies shouldn’t start with teasers, that teasers with explanations aren’t teasers at all (that defeats the purpose of teasing), and that controversy is always a way to marketing and buzz.

Anyway, the video is pretty cool and the title of the song itself is interesting especially considering world political events that have been happening for the past two years and have escalated for the past few months. A little eyebrow-raising, for sure, but fitting to the somewhat controversial side of what pop music is. The translation of the song [1] seems a little on the “hmm okay” side, but I’ll chug it to the “maybe it makes more sense in Korean” thing. But it sounds pretty good.

The album, titled Coup d’État as well, is being released as a two-part release in digital form. The first one (already available on iTunesCoup d’État, Pt. 1 also includes G-Dragon’s collaboration with Missy Elliott — making a sort of comeback herself [1] YAY! — with NILIRIA (늴리리야), which they performed this year at the K-Con Event [Official Clip].

Coup d’État, Pt. 2 will be released on Friday September 5th.

The physical album will be released on September 13th.


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