Marina and The Diamonds – Homewrecker (Acoustic)

I have to admit that Marina and The Diamonds captivated my attention ever since I heard Oh No! [MV] from her debut album The Family Jewels. [XiamiOh No! felt unique and catchy enough to lead me to listen to her debut album, which turned out to be a very good new wave/pop album. It had something different going for almost every track in it alongside Marina’s great voice that feels alive and fresher than most of the current pop acts nowadays.

And just one month away from the release date of her second album Electra Heart, a music video for Homewrecker (acoustic version) has been unleashed.

“When everything is life and death,
You may feel like there’s nothing left.
Instead of love, and trust, and laughter
What you get is happy never after.
But deep down all you want is love.
The pure kind, we all dream of.
But we cannot escape the past,
So you and I will never last.”

Personally, I prefer the acoustic version to the (original) electropop version that will be heard on the album. While the lyrics for Homewrecker mixes humor with reality regarding the song’s topic, I believe that the acoustic version makes Marina sound better.

You can hear the original version for Homewrecker here.


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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    Thanks for the introduction, Rodrigo. Now before this becomes sort of a cliche topic — let’s see how much potential Marina has against Gaga — live:


  2. Adrienne Lew says:

    Sorry, here’s the live video again:


  3. amy says:

    The acoustic version sounds great indeed – it seems to have much more attitude~ I think we may have gotten an aversion to electropop. xD I will… try to listen to her album as soon as I can.

  4. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I liked this! It’s for sure one to watch for. I gave some of her other songs a listen but everything that is acoustic is so much better then the original.
    Rodrigo, will you review her album?

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