Crowd Lu – Good Morning, Good Evening Concert – 6-Disc

Title: 盧廣仲Good Morning & Good Evening小巨蛋演唱會
Artist: Crowd Lu Guang Zhong
Format: DVD + CD
No. Discs: 6 + 1 insert
Duration: 215min.

Technical Specs

Region: All
Sound: 5.1 Surround, Stereo
Video: NTSC Letterbox
Subtitles: Traditional Song Caption


DVD Disc 1 – Good Morning:

  1. opening
  2. 別在我睡著的時候打電話我 (Don’t Call Me When I’m Asleep)
  3. 早安,晨之美!(Good Morning)
  4.  開心餐廳 (Happy Restaurant)
  5. Jailhouse Rock [Elvis Presley]
  6.  I Got a Woman [Ray Charles]
  7. 再見了,阿法迪斯!(Goodbye A-Fa-Dees)
  8. 阿!大岩壁 (Ah! Big Rock Wall)
  9. 破氣球 (Balloon Burst)
  10. 好預兆 (Good Omen) [Julie Yeh Feng] [Teresa Teng]
  11. 內山姑娘要出嫁 (The Neishan Girl Getting Married)  [Yip Chi-Ten]
  12. Rock’n roll 的style+WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS [Queen]

DVD Disc 2 – Good Evening 1:

  1. opening
  2. Boring
  3. OH YEAH!!!
  4. Que te pasa?你在幹嘛?
  5.  寂寞考 (Research of Loneliness)
  6. 陪我去青康藏高原 (Go to the Qingzang Plateau with Me)
  7.  吉米寶貝 (Baby Jimmy)
  8. 就像白癡一樣 (Like an Idiot)
  9. 校園美女2008 (Campus Beauties 2008)
  10. 蚊子 (Mosquito)
  11. 慢靈魂 (Slow Soul)
  12. A
  13. (they long to be) Close to you

DVD Disc 3 – Good Evening 2:

  1. 風雨 (Wind and Rain)
  2. 不想去遠方 (Do Not Want to Go the Distance)
  3. 藍寶 (Sapphire)
  4. 思慕的人 (Yearning of the People)
  5. 好想要揮霍 (Want to Splurge)
  6. BESAME MUCHO [Consuelo Velazquez]
  7. OPERA NO2 [Vitas]
  8. 我愛你 (I Love You)
  9. 別殺我+情人的眼淚 (Do Not Kill Me + Lover’s Tear) [Fang Qiong]
  10. 再見勾勾 (Goodbye Hooks)
  11. 早安,晨之美!(Good Morning)
  12. 無敵鐵金剛 (The Invincible Iron King)
  13. 早安晚安 (Good Morning, Good Evening)

DVD Disc 4 – 盧廣仲Rock!!!:

  1. 早安晚安花絮 (Good Morning, Good Evening Highlights)

CD 1 – 單曲:

  1. 陪我去青康藏高原 (Go to the Qingzang Plateau with Me)

CD 2 – 特別限定盤:

  1. 內山姑娘要出嫁 (The Neishan Girl Getting Married) [Yip Chi-Ten]
  2. Jailhouse Rock [Elvis Presley]
  3. 開心餐廳 (Happy Restaurant)
  4. 慢靈魂(unplugged版) (Slow Soul)
  5. 寂寞考 (Research of Loneliness)
  6. 思慕的人(錄音室版) (Yearning of the People)

If you know who Taiwan’s favorite geek boy, Crowd Lu, is, you would understand why I am very tempted in tagging this a “comedy.” It’s not only the way he carries the bowl cut — which is custom picked, as we see from the 35-minute documentary included in this release — or the big and pretty thick glasses he uses, or how disproportional his guitar actually is for his height. Sure, he’s the complete geek package, but there’s something about Crowd Lu that just makes people happy.

Maybe it is the sincerity he shows for the music he likes, and boy does he like a variety of music~ I wonder if Crowd Lu and his team really came up with the idea of Good Morning & Good Evening just because he had a songlist that he was unable to cut down. Shot at the Taipei Arena on December 18th 2010, Lu ran a marathon gig that lasted from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. — all 12 hours of pure Crowd Lu happiness, resulting in this 3-disc concert set.

During this summarized version of the concert, Crowd Lu does his usual indie pop folk — the happy and nostalgic kind — and adds as varied a cover as The King Elvis Presley is to traditional singer Yip Chi-Ten, or Queen is to Teresa Teng, or Consuelo Velazquez is to high-pitched Russian vocalist Vitas. Dude sings in Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Spanish, and made-up Russian~ Please, he rocks.

What his creative team has in hard work, however, this release lacks in technical points. I’m a little bummed that the concert is shot in widescreen, but it’s presented in full-screen letterbox to fit in the song captioning at the bottom. Despite that minor detail, which might or might not bother others, the rest of the packaging is useful, being able to fit a 6-disc set in a regular slim series case, with graphics printed on matte paper — perfect to not get those fingerprints on!

Overall, I think Good Morning & Good Evening is a good deal — YesAsia has it at about $29USD, with an added memo pad, while the autographed version is at about $33USD.

I leave you with this clip of Crowd Lu singing along to that contagious traditional Taiwanese tune, The Neishan Girl Getting Married.


You can get Crowd Lu’s Good Morning, Good Evening on YesAsia.


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