Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense + Poster

Format: CD
No. Discs: 1 + 50pg booklet
Duration: 29min.


  1. Swing It Shorty (Intro)
  2. Sixth Sense
  3.  Hot Shot
  4. La Boheme
  5. 불편한 진실 (The Ugly Truth)
  6. Lovemotion
  7. Countdown (Interlude)
  8. Vendetta
  9. Sixth Sense (Inst.)

I have to admit, I have a weakness for newly printed stuff, and Brown Eyed Girls’ presentation of Sixth Sense — this post is not going to be an album review — is just the precise thing I’m looking for in goodies — in a regular edition, no less!

The packaging is a sight to see. At 25-cm. wide and 15-cm. height, it spreads into four sections holding Ga-In, Narsha and JeA inside alongside the disc and its booklet. I’m a little sad that Myrio’s picture had to be pushed to the back of the album alongside the other photos of the group because… well, it’s not fair for her to be alone back there, right?

However, my favorite part of the whole package is the booklet, with front and back covers printed on pure black that can still actually stain your fingers. The smell of the ink is still strong — in a really wonderful way, it almost smells like… new leather? The quality of paper, which is matte but coated with a slight gloss, also has a leathery quality to it, even though it makes it hard to handle because it gets fingerprints on it easily.

I’m a little divided on the sound quality of the album, though. While, in general, you can listen to layers of the songs that one couldn’t listen to on the MP3s, like listening to even more layers to Sixth Sense — if that can even be possible — it made it seem a little bit clustered and actually made the surround system in my room start clicking a bit — which didn’t happen at all with the instrumental version.

I’m a little sad that the poster needs to be sent separately because it didn’t make it in time for the review, but I guess that beats having a folded poster inside the album.

I actually have no idea if the regular edition of the album is as the one with the poster, but if Korean regular edition albums are generally like this, I’m missing out big time.


Buy the Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense on YesAsia:
Regular Edition | Album + Poster


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