Chris Lee – Years Like Fire

Somebody gets it. Somebody gets Chris Lee, I mean.

She has recently collaborated with Han Han — famous Chinese rally driver, also known as the most popular blogger for his political online postings, celebrated book author, and whatever~ and now songwriter. Han Han wrote this song for Chris Lee titled Years Like Fire (似火年华), which she composed herself…

She’s been composing and writing her own songs for a while now. And while Chris may not have the deepest lyrics or have the most elaborate wardrobes, dancing, or musical production, for her, less is definitely more. The sheer simplicity in songs like Lost Heart Crazy [MV] (or Insanity) attest to that.

Years like Fire is the first single of her upcoming new album and also goes hand in hand with her upcoming “World” Tour — I’m still not sure how “worldwide” that world tour is going to be — which starts in about a week.

The music video pairs her with film director Han Yan (韩延), who happened to just have directed First Time (第一次) this year, starring Mark Chao and Angelababy.


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  1. Steve says:

    Nice, I am super excited for her next album so far I love this song and 海上的月亮.

  1. May 4, 2015

    […] with director Han Yan (韩延), after their  collaboration on Years Like Fire (似火年华) [MV], for the song Old If Not Wild (再不疯狂我们就老了) from the album of the same name, […]

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