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Guillotines, The (2012)

Set during the Manchurian rule of the Qing Dynasty, the Empire had set up an assassination squad known as the Guillotines set to kill anyone who dared to oppose the Emperor.


Chris Lee – Cold Blade

With lyrics by Vincent Fang and music by Jay Chou, Chris Lee delivers the song Cold Blade (刀锋偏冷) to promote her upcoming film The Guillotines (血滴子), directed by Andrew Lau.


Chris Lee – Hello Baby

Chris Lee releases the music video for her third single,Hello Baby, from her latest album Old If Not Wild, directed by Vernie Yeung.


Chris Lee – Old If Not Wild

You can call it anyway you want, the truth seems to be that Chris Lee sings like only Chris Lee can. Her latest album Old If Not Wild (再不瘋狂我們就老了) is a testament to that, even more so than The Dancing Artist was.


Chris Lee – Old If Not Wild MV

Chris Lee gets together with director Han Yan (韩延), after their collaboration on Years Like Fire (似火年华), for the song Old If Not Wild (再不疯狂我们就老了) from the album of the same name, written and composed by Lee herself.


Chris Lee – Years Like Fire

Years like Fire is the first single of her upcoming new album, written by rally driver and most popular blogger Han Han with a music video directed by Han Yan.