The Killers – Here with Me

Following the rule of Actors and Music Videos [1] (sort of) on my list of Ten Music Video Highlights of 2012, The Killers have released their latest music video, Here with Me, directed by Tim Burton, who had previously directed the group in the music video for Bones [MV] from their 2006 album Sam’s Town.

Taken from The Killers’ latest album, Battle Born, Here with Me features actors Winona Ryder — Yay! — and Craig Roberts (Submarine) in a quirky-creepy, bizarre relationship… that could oddly resemble that of Hirokazu Koreeda’s Air Doll, in which a man — or in this case, a young man — has an emotional “relationship” with an inanimate object, represented by Winona.

However, halfway through the music video, Winona’s mannequin becomes alive.

… and they light each other’s flame.

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