Bohemians, The – This is Pop!!!

Release date: April 25, 2012
Label: For Life Music Entertainment


  1. 恋はスウィンギン・イン・ザ・レイン (Love is Swinging in the Rain) [MV]
  2. 愛しのマリーナ (Marina of Love)
  3. シーナ・イズ・ア・シーナ (Sheena is a Sheena)
  4. Get Back my Guitar
  5. ハイパーデストロイでクラッシュマグナムなベイビージェットよいつまでも  (Hyper Destroy Crash Magnum Baby Jet Forever)
  6. Goodbye
  7. 私のR・A・D・I・O (My R-A-D-I-O)
  8. ジーン・ヴィンセントのTシャツ (Gene Vincent’s T-Shirts)
  9. 太陽観覧者 (The man who views the sun)
  10. The Bike
  11. The Lens

The Bohemians’ This Is Pop!!! is a fun blend of punk and rockabilly with a pinch of grunge. I was listening to the album as I was walking around Amerikamura in Osaka (Japan’s own Soho), and this seemed to fit in so well with the atmosphere. This album just feels hip.

Songs like Gene Vincent’s T-Shirts and My R-A-D-I-O are the most rockabilly, meanwhile songs like Sheena is a Sheena and Marina are the most punk, and Hyper Destroy Crash Magnum Baby Jet Forever has a grungy charm to it. This song reminds me of the many times I played Tony Hawk Pro-Skater games. Their style is so blended with various genres that Goodbye even gives me a Beatles vibe.

There’s a sense of humor in some of the songs that keeps you smiling as you listen, giving them an unexpected spring to your step. The Bohemians have taken different genres and blended them to create a wonderfully unique sound that has simply enchanted me. Also, their vocalist’s, Hirata Panda, voice fits the style like a glove to a hand. This is only their third album (second on a major label), but This Is Pop!!! is so well rounded that it’s bound to increase their fanbase.

They sure have a fan in me now.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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