Brandon Flowers – Flamingo (Deluxe)

Release date: September 3, 2010
Label: Island, Vertigo


  1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
  2. Only the Young
  3. Hard Enough featuring Jenny Lewis
  4. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
  5. Playing with Fire
  6. Was it Something I Said?
  7. Magdalena
  8. Crossfire
  9. On the Floor
  10. Swallow It
  11. The Clock Was Tickin
  12. Jacksonville
  13. I Came Here to Get Over You
  14. Right Behind You

Flamingo starts with Welcome to Las Vegas, an ode to Flowers’ hometown and the track that defines the sound of the rest of the album, which sounds like the b-side from The Killers’ Day & Age, but doesn’t have the same variety and energy of it. There’s no rock, but there’s a lot of new wave with nice vocals.

It’s very easy to listen to Flamingo and… let’s admit it, it’s a cool record, but it will take more than a few listens to it before you really start to dig it. There are some easy-to-love songs like The Clock Was Tickin’ or Was it Something I Said?, as well as great moments like Crossfire and Jacksonville.

Flamingo sounds like the album Brandon wanted to make, and it’s a very nice opportunity for the fans to have a closer look at his vision.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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by Luis Vidal

4 Responses

  1. ZMichael says:

    i miss The Killers :D

  2. Kolaz says:

    Hi ZMichael, I miss them too. And I agree, their best album was Hot Fuss. They sound nice nowadays but… is not the same, They turn into a pop bandwith nothing really new and exciting to offer :( Anyway a lot of people loved “Flamingo”, I felt kinda dissapointed… there’s nothing really original about it.

    • ZMichael says:

      @Kolaz, The first disc is excellent, its also my favorite disc, but do not take credit at the Sams Town, there are “When you were young” and “The River is wild”, these are so powerful songs. You can also notice the difference in the Brandon Flowers performance, he shows all his vocal potential. Not happen in Flamingo.
      But after all, Brandon is a great performer. jaja

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