Ten Music Video Highlights of 2012

4. Actors and MVs

The Shoes – Time to Dance (NSFW)

For the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing more and more bands using actors on their music videos — it’s no longer the case when you used to have a relatively unknown actor that would seek stardom in your music video — or jumpstart their careers *cough* Mickey Rourke on Enrique Iglesias’ Hero [MV] — now the music video is looking for the notoriety of the actor.

Just check out Broken Bell’s The Ghost Inside [MV] featuring Christina Hendricks, The Apples in Stereo’s Dance Floor [MV] featuring Elijah Wood — or Flying Lotus’ Tiny Tortures [MV], One Night Only’s Say You Don’t Want It [MV] featuring Emma Watson, Ed Sheeran’s Lego House [MV] featuring Rupert Grint, Slow Club – Beginners [MV] with Daniel Radcliffe, and… maybe Mumford & Sons’ Lover of the Light [MV] directed and featuring Idris Elba.

In The Shoes’ Time to Dance, Jake Gyllenhaal is a little bit crazy and a little bit violent — maybe it’s all those bad movies he’s been making that’s making him a bit grumpy.

Runner-up: Sigur Rós – Fjögur Píanó (NSFW) [MV]

3. M.I.A – Bad Girls

M.I.A is back on our highlights list [1] after being absent last year with a music video that’s part socially-subversive Fast and the Furious, part war action docu-drama, part dance hip pop music video. What more could you ask from M.I.A? [Original Post]

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  1. Mirella says:

    Yeah… I’ve only watched the M.I.A. video before XDDDDD My current musical culture is sorely lacking :P

    • amy says:

      @Mirella, Except for when Hiddles RTs MVs? xD and you must’ve seen/heard about one of the Kpop MVs… at least on your FB wall talk haha.

      • Mirella says:

        @amy, Yeah, I’ve only watch Nicki Minaj’s Starship MV complete because he mentioned it XD Even if his taste of music goes more to Sigur Rós and Mumford & Sons… except when it doesn’t.
        I haven’t seen those particular Kpop MVs… I have only seen complete MVs of 2ne1 and Girls’ Generation. None of the boybands hold my attention enough to complete a video XD

        • amy says:

          @Mirella, you’re gonna love Crayon, if u give it the time of day. Even IF G-Dragon is the girliest of them all. And Fantastic Baby has enough colorful grunge to interest you.

  2. I just saw “Crayon” earlier today and you have to like a video that starts with G-Dragon plopped asleep in a Wonder Woman robe.

    Awesome how you broke down the videos into all these patterns. However, I think you missed Noomi Rapace in the Rolling Stones’ latest video? she’s great in that. I had to have the gifs right away of her shooting up zombies with a shotgun.

  3. ghost says:

    @Mirella, if you liked Psy and love nonsensical, like it seems you do from your column, you will fancy yourself some WTF from G-Dragon. For sure.

    @amy, best video of the year for you?

    @chrryblssmninja, I did miss it! I hadn’t seen it, to be honest. And it does follow the Actor + MV PLUS the NSFW trend with violence and nipple-showing. Though I would argue Noomi wouldn’t be rising the Rolling Stones’ relevance. It’s an oldschool collab. =P

  4. amy says:

    @ghost, pop-wise? I liked Salyu’s Camera and the latest Crowd Lu MV (O La La Hu Hu). I also liked G-Dragon’s Crayon. I didn’t have a clear favorite this year.

  5. GIACOMO says:

    don’t hate me: HERE

  6. Camiele says:

    *siiigh* Crayon… I basically decided I need GDragon as my puppy after that video… HaHa.

    I personally don’t really think I’m a fan of the lyric videos. I think it’s more to do with the fact there’s so many of them. I’ve never been a fan of oversaturation of decent idea. And that’s what happened with lyric vids… HaHa.

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