LGBT Worldwide Music Videos – Part I

Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) – Like Love (類似愛情)

Are you as surprised as I am with the amount of Chinese music videos on the list? Because I am~

In the video for Like Love, Hsiao sings over the story of a woman living with two men, one of whom she fancies.

S.H.E – Not Gonna Be your Friend (不作你的朋友)

In the video, members Selina, Ella and Hebe have a male friend who seems to have a bad time. After trying to cheer him up with strolls and basketball games, he finally tells Ella what’s troubling him.

See? Ultimately pretty happy, eh?

Jing Chang (張芸京) – Black Skirt (黑裙子)

People often say that between two girls,
there is a more delicate,
more complicated array of emotions.
Because we are girls,
it is easy to argue and easy to make up again

Together we weave the confusing parts of love,
and we meet together to say goodbye to our youth.

We hope that our children will become like us,
sharing life’s joy and pain together.

We help each other cut off the scattered, troublesome parts of confusion,
with your support, we will always be able to start anew.

Our inner feelings can only be understood between the two of us,
we have the same interest.
The two of us forever act as different characters.

It doesn’t matter how the world judges us,
only you understand my beauty.

I only have one you
we’re a pair to last forever
and a friend to accompany me forever.

The video and song are obviously about the understanding between women — in friendship or something else — but the best part comes from the titles on the screen which Jing Castle Subs does an awesome job at translating~

Also~ Bonus points for the inclusion of cross-dressers and showing them next to the best bit “It doesn’t matter how the world judges us, only you understand my beauty.

Here’s the official MV link, in case the other one doesn’t work.

Calories Blah Blah – Bangkok Love Story (เพื่อน…กูรักมึงว่ะ)

Okay, this one was easy because it’s from a Thai film of the same name.

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

You know this one was coming, right?

Though the whole thing is not just LGBT, you have to give it up to Aguilera for showing two men kissing and the man cross-dressing. It’s a song for everyone, and the LGBT community is included — even though it is a gritty-looking video, the tone is uplifting.

Oh! We’re beginning with the totally happy music videos now.


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7 Responses

  1. kula says:

    Lee Jung Hyun – Michyeo
    May Doni ft. 2AM Jo Kwon & Jinwoon – Molla-Ing
    maybe not very well-known ones? Super Junior’s Heechul famously kissed several guys on the stage performing the first song.

    They are somewhat similar. I like both of them.
    Am i allowed to put these links??

    • amy says:

      @kula, changed your links a bit xD in case they go missing.

      I know about the fan service business in Kpop, LOL – but I actually never came across the videos, even when finding a lot of Asian MVs.

  2. ghost says:

    Wow. So much Asian gay music videos.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, this is actually… unbelievably crazy. Yes. I actually found an incredible amount of Asian LGBT-themed videos… I could have made a list of only those.

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