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LaLa Hsu – You Made my Day MV

LaLa Hsu is prepping for two concerts held at the Taipei Arena and Kaohsiung Arena this year with the release of You Made my Day (是日救星), directed by BOUNCE.


AMIT – Freak Show

A-Mei Chang’s alter ego AMIT is back with Freak Show (怪胎秀), a folksy operatic metal song with a pretty weird music video directed by BOUNCE.


Hebe Tien – Insignificant MV

Oh, wow. After launching a super cryptic teaser two weeks ago, Hebe has released the first single from her upcoming third studio album, which are both titled Insignificant (渺小).


Bibi Zhou – Unlock

The best element in Unlock is and always will be Bibi’s voice, reaching on-pitch highs and soft delicate whispery lows that will make your soul quiver.


Leehom Wang – 12 Zodiacs

Leehom Wang releases his newest single, 12 Zodiacs (十二生肖), directed by Bounce and Leehom himself, with a very special appearance from Jackie Chan for, possibly, his latest film Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖).


AMIT – Rift

A-Mei’s alter-ego A-Mit is back with a tease… a new song titled Rift (裂痕), directed by Bounce.