LGBT Worldwide Music Videos – Part I

Baek Ji Young (백지영) – I Won’t Love (사랑안해)

Korean singer Baek Ji Young’s video for the 2006 single I Won’t Love is rather sweet… sad, but sweet. The ending is melancholic, but at least it doesn’t end with deaths. I would label this as really moving on its own, the way only Asian stuff can be moving. LOL

Bjork – All is Full of Love

Directed by the sometimes brilliant Chris Cunningham, we all know this video, and though some of you might argue that robots have no gender — the robots in question do have female bodies.

It’s just really powerful with the song and the imagery.

Look, here’s finally a gay-themed music video. It’s pretty high up in our way to the happier ones, so you all gotta be thrilled about that. From this point on, we’ve got more variety for both gay and lesbians. Sadly, I didn’t find many — if one or two — music videos showing transgender people or cross-dressing.

I also didn’t find any Japanese music video to show and very little Latin music, so there’s that.

Chen Yon Lon (陳永龍) – Farewell (告別)

In this heartbreaking music video by Taiwanese singer Chen Yon-lon (or Yon-lon Chen, as you’d prefer), we follow a man invited to his ex-boyfriend’s wedding dinner party, as we see what they’ve been through together.

Sigur Ros – Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa

In this video we see a boy playing with dolls, as his father catches him and makes him play football soccer, the boy meets another boy. See, I told you we were going to get to the less tragic videos~

Eason Chan (陳奕迅) – Brother and Sister (兄妹)

Though the song and video are obviously through Hong Kong singer Eason Chan’s perspective talking about his relationship with someone he wants to get close to, but obviously can’t. Chan has a close relation with both women, until he puts his interest forward which ends… I let you watch the video for that.

Our music videos are getting better for the LGBT themes, huh? And we’re still halfway through~


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  1. kula says:

    Lee Jung Hyun – Michyeo
    May Doni ft. 2AM Jo Kwon & Jinwoon – Molla-Ing
    maybe not very well-known ones? Super Junior’s Heechul famously kissed several guys on the stage performing the first song.

    They are somewhat similar. I like both of them.
    Am i allowed to put these links??

    • amy says:

      @kula, changed your links a bit xD in case they go missing.

      I know about the fan service business in Kpop, LOL – but I actually never came across the videos, even when finding a lot of Asian MVs.

  2. ghost says:

    Wow. So much Asian gay music videos.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, this is actually… unbelievably crazy. Yes. I actually found an incredible amount of Asian LGBT-themed videos… I could have made a list of only those.

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