LGBT Worldwide Music Videos – Part I

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) – Highest in the World (世界之最(我願意))

Hong Kong singer actress Sammi Cheng delivers this beautiful song from her 2004 album La La La. In the video for the song, the relationship between two women is affected when one of them starts a relationship with a man. More tragedy.

No I swear, it does get better~

Olivia (閻韋伶) – Silly Boy (傻孩子)

Taiwanese singer Olivia sings and has a relationship with a woman, who later (I think) picks the silly boy.

See, no deaths involved. We’re getting better.

U (Yu Mei 유우) – Suddenly (울컥)

I… really don’t understand this video. LOL But it’s beautiful and very moody. It does seem like a sad story, like it’s implied she passes away (the bed of white roses) or leaves. But feel free to explain it to me.

MISSTER – Iron Man (鋼鐵人)

We have posted the MV for Iron Man before.

Zhilin Zhang (张志林) – A Person’s Suffering (一个人的苦)

I’m pretty sure Zhilin Zhang is a Mainland China singer, and though I don’t see much relation between his MV and the lyrics of his 2007 song… the video for Yi ge Ren de Ku shows a trouble woman who falls back to the arms of (an old) friend, who happens to like her, and takes care of her, and though the end is sad, it’s not really tragic.

I know the last five music videos have been lesbian-themed, guys, but trust me. Gay videos get better.


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  1. kula says:

    Lee Jung Hyun – Michyeo
    May Doni ft. 2AM Jo Kwon & Jinwoon – Molla-Ing
    maybe not very well-known ones? Super Junior’s Heechul famously kissed several guys on the stage performing the first song.

    They are somewhat similar. I like both of them.
    Am i allowed to put these links??

    • amy says:

      @kula, changed your links a bit xD in case they go missing.

      I know about the fan service business in Kpop, LOL – but I actually never came across the videos, even when finding a lot of Asian MVs.

  2. ghost says:

    Wow. So much Asian gay music videos.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, this is actually… unbelievably crazy. Yes. I actually found an incredible amount of Asian LGBT-themed videos… I could have made a list of only those.

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