LGBT Worldwide Music Videos – Part I

Part of the 2011 LGBT Blogathon

Let me start by saying that I just spent too much time looking at LGBT-related videos, combing the interwebs for actual music videos that were more than just videos showcasing “the gays” as their happy token characters or “the lesbians” that look hot making out on the music videos — sorry, hip-hop, you are not very represented on this list.

This is also the reason why very popular music videos like Aerosmith’s Crazy — with the kinda creepy concept of having your hot daughter Liv Tyler frolic with Alicia Silverstone — or that only-making-out video for Complicated Universal Cum’s I Can Hardly Wait do not make the cut.

I hope you are as surprised as I was while compiling this list of music videos, even though Google confuses the term LGBT and mixes it up enough, so that when I look for a (“insert nationality” LGBT Music Video), I ended up with some questionable sites that showed too much skin.

As I worked out on how to present the list, and watched all the videos all over again, I’ve classified them by mood. We’ve got our ever-present tragic LGBT stories, which are so many, we’ve got our sad LGBT stories, and we’ve got the happy ones about loving and being proud of who you are, which will be included in Part II of this post because it’s so lengthy. I’m really really surprise with the Top10 videos.

I have also tried to not include too many videos based on subtext, and have tried to prioritize happy LGBT stories over the tragic ones.

So sit back (you’re going to need a LOT of time to browse through the music videos on this list), relax, cry, enjoy, and be happy. It’s Pride Month, and we’re here to celebrate.

Let’s start with the BONUS!

Hebe Tien (田馥甄) – Love!

Hebe is the member of Taiwanese trio S.H.E, and she surprised everyone with her personal style when she released her first solo album, To Hebe. In it, she has a song called Love!, and even though the video is not LGBT-related, the song talks about unrequited love and does recognize homosexual relationships with the lyrics:

I love you
You love her
She loves her
She loves him

You love me
I love him
He loves him
He loves her

How come in this world
nobody loves anymore?
How come in this world
everyone is unhappy?
How come in this world
everyone loves somebody else
but not themselves?

Z-Chen (張智成) – Secret Love (暗戀)

Continuing our way through the unrequited love territory thanks to Malaysian singer Z-Chen.

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow – Shame

Though we can all agree that the video and song are obviously referencing Williams and Barlow’s tumultuous professional relation, there are obvious Brokeback Mountain references in the video to not include this as a bonus~

Let’s begin with the real Top LGBT MVs!


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7 Responses

  1. kula says:

    Lee Jung Hyun – Michyeo
    May Doni ft. 2AM Jo Kwon & Jinwoon – Molla-Ing
    maybe not very well-known ones? Super Junior’s Heechul famously kissed several guys on the stage performing the first song.

    They are somewhat similar. I like both of them.
    Am i allowed to put these links??

    • amy says:

      @kula, changed your links a bit xD in case they go missing.

      I know about the fan service business in Kpop, LOL – but I actually never came across the videos, even when finding a lot of Asian MVs.

  2. ghost says:

    Wow. So much Asian gay music videos.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, this is actually… unbelievably crazy. Yes. I actually found an incredible amount of Asian LGBT-themed videos… I could have made a list of only those.

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