Anything But Brainless – Interview With No Brain

In 2013 you signed with Seymour Stein & were reportedly working on a record, is this still in the works, are you releasing anything soon?
Sungwoo: Maybe this year, and it maybe it doesn’t work with Seymour Stein. Maybe work with another guy, I don’t know who that is.

But you’re still trying to work on something to release here?

Yeah, recording and mixing, everything is done. So it’s gonna be good.

Last year you were the headliner at the V-Rox festival in Russia, what was that experience like?
Sungwoo: It was awesome. It was awesome because there was a lot of vodka,

*Dolly makes a strangled sound at the mention of vodka*
And Russian girls, and tough guys. And they loved our rock music, so you know. You know I don’t have any image about Russia, because maybe you feel the same thing like me about me about Russia, you know tough guys and things like that, but you know it was so fun. They loved to hear the rock music and everything. They were so into it, it was so good. It was a great memory because the show was in front of City Hall.

Dolly: I don’t remember anything.

Too much vodka?

Dolly: *nods* You know, I sing a song called Soju. One Shot of Soju.  I’m a drummer but I have one song, it’s about the Korean alcohol. And I’m pretty strong at drinking, so in Russia I drink vodka like this *motions pouring bottle down throat* and the hangover was for three days. So I remember nothing.

Sungwoo:  You know he dropped uh, his shoe.

You’ve been active since 1996, what do you contribute your longevity to? How do you stay together?

Vovo: It’s not easy. Maybe without the shows we would separate, we have enough private time.

Sungwoo: You know, because each other’s personalities are very strong, our character is very strong so you know mixed together it’s really hard. And everyone and each other’s favorite style of music is different, and favorite thing is different. But anyway, when we mix together it’s gonna be great energy and you know it’s a union so I love that but sometimes we can’t mixed together.

You need a break from each other every once in awhile?

Sungwoo: Yeah, yeah. Fucking hate each other, but anyway that is just life. It’s like a family, sometimes we hate each other. And sometimes we love each other.


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