Anything But Brainless – Interview With No Brain

What was the Korean rock scene like when you started versus where it is now? What do you think of the changes?

Sungwoo: It sucks.

Vovo: Everything changed. Korean rock scene is very very, not good.

Dolly: I think the Indie scene has changed a lot, and it’s getting better. But we think rock music can not be major. It’s very hard

Sungwoo: In Korea,  K-pop power is so strong. So maybe rock is not major, but we’re kind of outsiders. But you know, we love that. That’s better. We like something unique feeling in Korea.

Vovo: We have very unique face and “aaahhh” *sticks out tongue* We are crazy.

Sungwoo: When we start the band, in before 2000 people hate the sounds of the guitar and drum sounds because they hate the loud sounds. Because they just want to listen to pop music. So but nowadays they just change, you know it is just a big deal, I think.

When did you first hear punk music and who were you listening to?

Sungwoo: Green Day, yeah Green day and Sex Pistols. So many, without punk bands, there were so many. And he loves Japanese traditional music, really. *points to Wooyoung*
Sungwoo: I love the Bob Marley and Twisted Sisters, yeah I love that. Sometimes I love the heavy metal better than I like punk rock.
Sungwoo: *points to Vovo* He likes electro music so much too.

Dolly: And I love Dolly Parton. That why I pick that stage name.

In 2006 you acted in Radio Star, what was filming like for you? Would you like to do it again?

Sungwoo: Well, if we get a chance again, I hope so. If “k-town cowboys 2, I hope so” We wanna be there, and maybe next turn is K-Town Cowboys 2.

What’s the best part about being a musician?

Vovo: It’s really great luck. Freedom and luck we get those.

Sungwoo: When people they said they listened to our music and they get a hope or something like that and they get happy you know that’s one of the reasons to be a musician. We can change the world, not so much, just a little bit.


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