Anything But Brainless – Interview With No Brain

Back in 1996 a group of guys got together to start making punk music, because they felt the draw to create music and punk seemed like the best way to express themselves. Little did they know that almost 20 years later they’d still be stuck with each other and creating some of the best punk music Korea has to offer.

No Brain’s music is timeless. The band uses the essence of punk music to express everything from their general disapproval of the “system” to their love of soju. Well, SOME of them love soju, ask Sungwoo and he’ll talk to you at length about his disdain for Korea’s favorite libation. But when you dig deeper into the heart of No Brain and the band’s members, you realize they have a lot to say, they love music and are generally really great guys. Don’t let the old stereotypes of punk singers being jerks or high maintenance prejudice you, because of all the bands I met at SXSW these guys were the most down to earth.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Geiger

Photo Credit: Kelsey Geiger

First of all will you please introduce yourselves?
Hi, I’m Wooyoung, I play bass.

I’m Sungwoo, and singing.

I’m Vovo, the guitarist.

Dolly, drummer. We are No Brain from South Korea.

Last year you released a joint album with Crying Nut, what was that experience like and do you have a favorite memory from the collaboration?

Sungwoo: Yeah, right. We love, we play such a long time together, so we wanna make some great albums. And since when people die they’re just left with bones, we wanted to create memories.

Dolly: We are very proud of our friendship and that album is an expression of that.


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