The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Powerpuff queens~

Greetings, my fellow geeks! Cool stuff from the Licensing Expo and many TV news! Including things from Marvel, DC and Game of Thrones. But also the return of a beloved cartoon, and the promise of a new one that could be a new favourite of mine! Here’s how the week started:


Let’s start with something different. A movie documentary about Cristiano Ronaldo will be released on June 20 (which means is available now) and has gone on pre-order mode today. So you can go to Vimeo On Demand and rent/buy it. Why would I care, I heard you ask? Well, the documentary is narrated by my dear Posh Alien Prince and he-of-the-glorious-voice, Benedict Cumberbatch~ Yeah, I really don’t care that much about Cristiano Ronald but as a Benny Batch stan, I shall give Cristiano Ronaldo: The world at his feet a try.

On not so great news, How To Train Your Dragon 2 couldn’t win first place over 22 Jump Street at the American box office. At least it has made more money than How To TrainYour Dragon on the openning weekend and it has had good reviews~

Let’s talk about the rumor that might be true… of Jason Momoa maybe playing Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice! There’s nothing official yet, with neither Warner nor Momoa saying a peep about it, but two reputable sites swear it is a totally done deal. I mean, sure HitFix’s sources might fail, but The Hollywood Reporter’s? I wouldn’t mind Momoa in the role even if he doesn’t look like Aquaman.

On confirmed great news,Weta Workshop’s Pukeko Pictures will adapt Image Comics’ Rat Queens into an animated TV series… OMG, f*ck yes please! For those unaware, Rat Queens is a fairly new comicbook (it only has like 1 volume + 1 issue) about Dungeons-and-Dragons-like world where the titular characters – a Rockabilly  elven mage, a hipster dwarven fighter, an atheist human cleric and a hippy halfling thief – must go on a quest and defeat a mysterious Big Bad~ And it’s so violent and funny and entertaining! So yes, I am glad I will watch it animated!



In Box Office news, X-Men: Days of Future Past has reached $660 million worldwide, and $200 million domestic!

Talking about X-Men, X-Men: Apocalypse will definitely be in the 80s, 1983 to be exact, according to scriptwriter Simon Kinberg~

So, today was the season finale of Game of Thrones, of those who read the books have noticed how the show has strayed from the source material even more. And here’s what showrunners Benioff and Weiss have to say about it:

We have to make a show that succeeds on its own terms, and sometimes that means veering away from the books. Some people will be upset by that. Some people will like it. Obviously we hope for more of the latter, but if we ever write a scene (or avoid writing a scene) because we’re afraid of pissing someone off, we’re sunk.

But yhey also said crap about they not considering Tywin a villain~

But Tywin isn’t torturing prostitutes for pleasure. He’s not a sadist. He’s ruthless, for sure. But there’s an argument to be made that Westeros needs ruthlessness. You look at Daenerys across the sea — she’s crucifying 163 masters; she’s pretty ruthless, too. So you love Daenerys even when she’s killing people and condemn Tywin.

Yeah, because orchestrating gangrape or the mass slaughter of infants is totally justified ruthlessness! Like did they even read the book? Tywin was an evil mofo!


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