K-Pop Night Out – Austin, Texas 2015

Finally it was time for the heroes of the night to shine. Epik High took the stage with the loudest cheers (and hardest pushes) for the night. Epik High started out with Born Hater and just kept that high momentous energy going for the rest of their set. It was clear from the crowd reactions, and how many people were singing along that there were a lot of big fans in the house. While I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the performers, the fans finally got to me, so I bailed on my spot I’d held onto the entire night and escaped to the safety of the side of the venue. I was then able to enjoy the guys perform some older favorites of mine and watch the fans form a single writhing mass to bounce along with Epik High.


In final review, I couldn’t have been happier with the line up this year, and I felt like they did a great job with flow and time between sets. The artists somehow managed to work as a unified event and I can’t wait to see what is up for next year’s showcase. But I think if they continue to bring bigger names from Korea to K-Pop Night Out at SXSW they need to keep the fans in check – because I was actually scared during the Epik High set, and I fear that if they aren’t working at controlling the masses, a fan or even a band member could get injured in that chaos. And here’s hoping that next year, The Elysium fixes the door to the ladies room…



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