Double Smack – Interview With Asian Chairshot

If you haven’t listened to Asian Chairshot yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Their music is a complicated blend of mellow ambient guitar melodies, explosive firecracker-like breakdowns and potent vocals. Last year I was lucky to get Asian Chairshot to answer some questions just before their big UK tour in the springtime. This year, I traveled down to Austin for South By Southwest and caught up with the gang again just before their second showcase – at K-Pop Night Out at the Elysium.

How was your UK tour last year? Was there anything about the UK that surprised you?

Kyewan: It was the first time for us, and we got kind of nervous, but it was a great experience.
Heenam: It was my first time to go to England so it was really delightful and I love to listen to music from Great Britain, so it was a great experience and the stage was really great.
Youngwon: Especially [since] rock was born from England, so I was happy to be there. They don’t care about where I’m from and they like Asian Chairshots music, so I was happy to be there.


What was one of your favorite memories from that tour?

Kyewon: When I was in Chesire, one of the cities, it was really quiet and I had some free time I got to do some site seeing and I got pretty emotional, so it was really great.
Youngwon: We performed at a really small club and there were three people, two old men and old woman and they really really liked us, they gave us free drinks. And it was a really good time.
Heenam: When were driving [between shows] there were a lot of ships and beautiful landscapes, that was a great memory.


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