Pang Ho-Cheung’s Women Who Flirt Trailer with English Subtitles

When I heard that Zhou Xun was making a (sorta) rom-com titled Women Who Flirt (撒娇女人最好命, lit. translation: Women Who Flirt Have the Best Lives/Women Who Know How to Flirt Are the Luckiest), I was kind of skeptical. I’m not too fond of Huang Xiaoming either, but Zhou Xun [1] and Pang Ho-Cheung directing are enough to pull me in. Maybe they’ll get me to like him, plus~ Pang’s got some really good female characters in his films (Isabella Leong on Isabella, Miriam Yeung in Puff/Buff, and all the female characters in Aberdeen were complex), even if he didn’t come up with the original premise since it’s based on the book by Luo Fu-man, which on its own seems… a little bit sexist.

I did sense a bit of a Legally Blonde vibe to it, especially with the scene showing how to “enhance” your cleavage while picking things up, aiya~ It’s good, though! I love Legally Blonde giving the image of the “dumb blonde” a spin, so I’m looking forward to see what Zhou Xun is able to pull off.

Women Who Flirt is supposed to open January 1st 2015 in China, but IMDb lists a November 27th 2014 release in Singapore.


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