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After working on my 100 Favorite Actresses, I had been working on my Actors list~~~ finally deciding to get it done before some of my choices aren’t eligible! Very much like my previous list, I wanted to rank them depending on how good they were, how good the movies they were being offered were, how their careers have shaped up, etc.

Same restrictions applied~ Alive, between the ages of 18-60. Some people disappeared, and some of my biases didn’t make my own cut- one thing was certain, this was a harder to make list… maybe because I’m less excited to have male-centric fandoms (or I’m just pickier with them), though my #1 was an easy choice with little to no competition (but also little surprise). I haven’t had the chance to meet anyone who actually hates the guy, that’s how awesome and talented he is.

Some interesting observations. Though I feel my Actresses List has a lot more younger actresses, the average age there was 40 years old while the average here is 43 years. I’m consistent like that. Moreover, photoshoots with women tend to be over-exposed and glam — a lot of Photoshop smooth blur and layers despite the light and make-up, while guys tend to focus on the rugged look with high contrast, which allows wrinkles and facial hair to create interesting textures despite the Photoshop layers. How unfair is that? LOL

Anyway~ here we go.



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  1. so great to see Kang-ho Song at the top of a list. And totally agreed on Nawazuddin Siddiqui!!
    “I was just thinking how brilliant it would be to have Lee Byung-hun opposite Sharlto Copley, and then I remember Copley played a side-version of Lee’s Oldboy character. So, yeah~ they’ll be amazing together.” I think they’d have a fun vibe.

    • amy says:

      I just keep casting Siddiqui in my made-believe movies. I actually have liked his acting better than Irrfan, whom I sometimes find stiff in lesser roles. I’m waiting to catch Siddiqui in a bad masala, to see how he fares in it. lol

  2. Camiele says:

    I’ve got to say, I can agree with most of this list. I’ve never actually sat down and thought about who would be in my Top 10, let alone Top 100… Haha.

    I think I’d have placed Idris (obviously) and Donnie Yen higher. I’m happy Dan Rad made the list. I’ve become so impressed (and proud, like an older sister… HaHa) of him. I can’t wait to see what else he challenges himself with.

    I’m also excited to see Chiwetel so high! I absolutely ADORE him! And right next to Leo. I don’t think I would’ve changed your 17-15. They fit right where they are. Vincent Cassel at #7 was a surprise, not at all unpleasant, but unexpected…? Though, I think he is well deserving of being inside your Top 10. Hermanito and I think he’s just so smooth. Literally, every time we see him we’re like, “Damn. This dude is so friggin COOL!” HaHA.

    Choi Min-shik-sshi… yes, I’m agreed. I would’ve placed Lee Byung-hun just a wee bit higher, but I think he suffers from typecasting. Since IRIS, it’s all the same role, but damn does he deliver. However, I’m severely disappointed in him and his cheating on his wife (even more disappointed in the Korean justice system, that deems it fit to put two young females in jail for an undetermined amount of time [though I think it’s down to five years] for blackmail, while apparently it’s okay for men to skip town and go on with business as usual for beating their WAGs… but I digress). I can’t shake my love of him as an actor, but as a human being, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

    I only know Kang-ho-sshi from The Good, the Bad, The Weird. But I do like him. So… yeah. Like I said, mostly agreed with your choices.

    I have to know, why is JGL annoying you? I mean, granted, I’ve not been to the cinema or seen NEARLY as many movies as I last year (which was a fluke, by the way. I can’t explain how it happened). But everything I’ve seen him in has been… well, I mean, I’ve been really happy with it and am always pleased to see him in other roles. What’s put him on your annoying list?

    • amy says:

      Lee Byung-hun’s personal life does get in the way xD and his choice of role does get kinda boring, that’s why he’s lower than I would’ve imagined~

      I was all cool and dandy with JGL when Inception came out, and was excited to see him in TDKR… but after that, during promotions of the movie, he started to rub me the wrong way. Maybe it was the way he was talking or just moving a certain way that felt he was trying to damn hard to be the cool dude all guys want to be friends with – then came Premium Rush and Don Jon.

      And… I’ve always been in love with Chiwetel since Kinky Boots and Serenity xD You MUST check him out on Half of a Yellow Sun. And you must watch Song Kang-ho on Thirst, definitely.

      You must also tell me your opinion on my Actress List when you have the chance.

      • Camiele says:

        I WILL look at the actress list. And I also have to check out Kinky Boots again. It’s been a while since I saw it. But anything to watch Chiwetel! I’ve also wanted to watch Thirst for a while (it was on Netflix for a while. Not sure if it still is). Looks like I now have impetus to do just that :) But you know me… takes me a while to get around to doing things especially where movies are concerned… HaHa.

        I haven’t decided whether or not I want to watch Don Jon… not fully committed to anyway. The previews looked good. Seemed like it was gonna be a pretty hilarious movie. And his directorial debut. I was all over it. But I haven’t fully committed to watching it yet… HaHa.

        I’ll check out the actress list tomorrow. I’ve gotten into my bad habits of not sleeping, but I’m hungry now. And since nothing’s open and this hotel doesn’t believe in vending machines, I may as well go to bed and start again tomorrow (later on today… HaHa).

        • Rodrigo says:

          Don Jon is a 3/5 film tops. Pretty bro-ish, which was a given, but there’s a pretty good performance from Julianne Moore in there.

          • amy says:

            I really really hated JGL’s all Don Jon’s package. The talking, the way of moving… on top of the script xD LOL But, yeah, Moore has a pretty good role.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    I was thinking that Bryan Cranston missing here might be a crime. But 1) he’s a guy whose tv career is far more powerful than his movie career (similar to Elba, but the gap is wider for Cranston), and 2) he is 58 right now and about to turn 60 in early 2016. :(

    • amy says:

      It’s true. Cranston is mostly known for Malcolm or -now- Breaking Bad. Roles for women tend to peak in their 30s (there’s tons for 20-somethings), and seldom good roles in their 40s… def. running dry in their 50s- with the exception of Meryl. xD For men, it sucks to be in your 20s (unless your cute/gorgeous and girl-friendly) and they start setting a base in their 30s (you must begin to be cool dude by then) but peak in their 40s, continue into their 50s… but def. run dry by the 60s.

  4. Rahil says:

    Just research or watch more Indian movies from regional industries like Malayalam, Tamil there you will find more actors.

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